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Website Designers who care about results

Are you sick and tired of talking to designers, marketers, SEOs and AdWords Managers who just talk using their jargon and never explain anything properly?

Worse still they don't listen to you, your business and what you need to achieve.

And even worse than that, they don't shoot straight. When you ask for the impossible, because you just don't know, they just take your money and keep quiet and blame you when things go wrong.

We pride ourselves on helping clients learn and understand. For those who want to know, we show you how campaigns work so you can make the right decisions for the short and the long term benefit of your business. We don't shy away from giving you the right advice, everytime!

Ben Maden has built a team of professionals at Matter Solutions in Brisbane that provide an beautiful mix of design, marketing and technology skills.


Google AdWords

We manage Google AdWords campaigns for clients who spend between from $1,000 and $30,000 per month in a wide range of industries and environments: B2B and B2C.

WordPress Website Design

If you're looking for a professional WordPress website our web design team are ready to help whether you want an off-the-shelf theme (correctly optimised) or a completely custom solution.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you need an seo to optimise the technical infrastructure, create content, or just audit your past link building our SEO Pack provides scope for our team to get started and make serious recommendations about gaining search visibility ethically.

Organisations we've worked with...

Better Digital Marketing, how we do it...

Tactics are like ingredients

e.g. increase my rankings, optimise my AdWords, tune my landing page


When you know what services you want...

... we deliver those services and make recommendations

Our team can carry out services based on standard packages of AdWords Management, SEO Packages, Social Media Management and many more digital marketing services.

These agreed requirements can even be customised at the right budget level so Matter Solutions compliment the skills you have in-house, for example, one or more of the following:

Tell us about your valuable goals

e.g. newsletter subscriptions, lead generation and revenue increases


Knowing what you desire means we can really deliver!

We'll recommend the right mix of long and short term

We just need the background and we can recommend the right mix of services to create the perfect recipe for your business.

Recent example:

I've done SEO, I'm told my domain is ruined. I don't rank for anything anymore. I need 20 leads per week, now!

We recently presented to two different businesses put in this same position by black-hat SEO work of our competitors.

Our recommendations took various factors into account including the level of awareness of the domain name and the brand, the state of the website, i.e. is it mobile optimised, and the state of the low quality SEO.

Recommendation to website #1

In one case we found the website did actually convert at 4-5% so a landing page and an AdWords campaign alone would suffice for the short term lead generation needs and as the domain name and brand is well known in Brisbane the SEO would focus on a "clean up" and recommended the client consider a mobile optimised website in 2-3 months time when lead generation allowed.

Recommendation to website #2

In the other case the website was dreadful, it needed entirely replacing because it disatisfied visitors. We have a video about "pogo-sticking" which explains this phenonmenon and its negative impact on rankings. We needed to test whether this or the links was responsible for the massive drop in rankings so we recommended...

  1. Replace the website with a mobile optimised WordPress website on a tight budget
  2. Invest in a landing page to convert AdWords traffic
  3. Revamp the existing AdWords Campaign to drive traffic into the new Landing Page

Both sound simple when you know how but getting the entire team working through these tasks quickly and efficiently and still involving the client to get their input on the website design takes some skills and experience.

Setting Goals

What do you want to achieve? We'll work with you and listen to your business plans to make sure you're on the right path whether you're getting the works or just a tactic or two.

Planning together

When planning large campaigns we work with senior managers, usually the Chief Marketing Officer and often the CEO to determine the best way for us to add-value with milestones and goals to demonstrate value for money.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

If it isn't based on Metrics, what is it? Guess work!
Tools like Google Analytics (and more) mean that guess work is just not necessary.

Reporting the right stuff

We report against the agreed objectives, tactical or strategic. Reports are concise and get to the point. Advanced campaigns will have a qualitative review in addition to the base level metrics.

Better Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing as "White-hat" Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing is the new buzz-word in digital marketing and because heaps of people are looking for it we need to use it. Every where you go business owners and marketing professionals are talking about publishing articles and they'll magically rank in Google, get you visitors and make you money.

As with most fads the answer is that results aren't quite that easy to achieve and anyone pitching it that way really needs to have a chat with this Batman here.

Content that is worthy of links takes effort to...

  1. Come up with ideas
  2. Refine ideas and find places who would likely link and share it
  3. Produce the content, make it awesome - again, not easy
  4. Publish and contact people who'll like your work

Content Marketing isn't a silver bullet but when appropriate it can work wonders when you take a strong SEO led approach to all four of these steps.

This chart shows only the "Organic Traffic", i.e. from the search engines. As you can see, traffic grew and grew. At the end of the campaign the traffic was at 160%, i.e. 2.5 times the volume predicted at the start.

This chart shows 160% growth in Traffic over 6 months, in this extra-ordinary case the money saved when we optimised the in-house managed Google AdWords campaign covered the cost of all the other activities four times over.

Creating content focused on useful resources that used the right keywords meant that people with genuine high quality and well respected websites saw value in linking through.

Results over the 6 month campaign acculumalated into a sustained competitive advantage. Basically any new entrant to the market has a large barrier to entry and other competitors are loosing market share to our client.

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All in one place

Brisbane based team

We have people from all over the world at Matter Solutions but we all love working in South Brisbane, near South Bank station

Experts with Experience

We hire newbies and train them right and given them opportunities to learn. We also hire old-dogs, they know lots of tricks.

Not afraid to do the right thing

The right answer isn't always yes. Getting the right result to ensure you're happy in 6 months time means making the right decision consistently.

Better Digital Marketing

Getting your website and web marketing handled in one agency means less messing about. No room for excuses or blame between providers. Matter get the job done.

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