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Video Production

Web video is a fundamental part of an engaging online presence for any business.
Video Content is crucial to a strong Digital Marketing Strategy, over the past decade video has consumed the internet, and it won’t stop any time soon.
YouTube has over 1 billion users, one-third of online activity is estimated to be video watching, 92% of mobile video viewers share the video after, and videos make customers 3x more likely to purchase and trust a product.
Start with a FREE Website Review by an Experienced WordPress Specialist. We always look at your plans, your existing site and budget to recommend what action we'd take if we were in your shoes.
We video the entire zoom video meeting and account review so you can watch it back and consider our proposals. Calls like this usually take 30-45 minutes.


Customer Testimonial Videos Examples

Strong testimonials from several customers can be the difference between a business that is seen as a “pretender” and one that is the “real deal”; somebody who has such a strong relationship with their customers that they are eager to publicly sing their praises.
If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to emotionally engage with potential clients from the first time they hear about you, then you should think about VIDEO TESTIMONIALS. Here are some customer testimonial videos we’ve produced for clients recently:

Matter Solutions – WordPress Training

At Matter Solutions we spent a day working with people and businesses explaining WordPress website design. During this WordPress training day video testimonials were gathered about the skills and knowledge gained from the training. This resulted in stunning and informative video testimonials.

Matter Solutions – Digital Marketing Breakfast

At Matter Solutions we spent the morning explaining everything digital marketing. During this digital marketing workshop video testimonials were gathered about the skills and knowledge gained from the breakfast. Again, this resulted in powerful + informative video testimonials.

On Site Customer Testimonials

If you have strong relationships with your clients or customers, you’ll often find they can’t wait to sing your praises if you give them an opportunity.

[On Location] St John Ambulance for SalesFix

SalesFix were rightly proud of their work with St John Ambulance. They wanted to showcase this as one of their greatest customer success stories. The video testimonial was shot on at the client's site, and in SalesFix's office to present how and where SalesFix improved the operational systems for the client.

[Piece to camera] Matter Solutions – ADF Mentors

At Matter Solutions we work with clients to help them with their digital marketing. One client we have worked with was ADF Mentors. This client success story was shot on location at Matter Solutions with our studio setup.

[Piece to camera] Sam - Google Ads Bidding

We create our own videos for our YouTube channel - askMatterSolutions. This video discusses Google Ads Bidding in our studio with our equipment. This allows us to be creative and have some fun with the end product. Sam even brought his much loved pooch into the office to get on camera too.

Website Video Production Packages

This is available to anyone whether we built your website or not.

Single Location Shoot


Get the people you need to make the video in one location and we’ll do the rest! Ideal for getting existing customers to your office or showroom and we shoot their testimonial then and there.

  • Half day shooting
  • Editing as required
  • Rapid turnaround

Multi-Location Shoot

From $4k

Shoot your customers in their natural environments. We can travel with you (or on our own) and shoot them in and around Brisbane. We can schedule 4-8 video testimonials in one day, depending on travel times.

  • Fully Day Shooting/Travelling
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Service
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Confident crew
  • Get the right shots and the content desired on camera

Custom Shoot or Animation

Let's discuss


Maybe you don’t want to be on camera, that’s okay too. We can create video content with nothing but a script and some imagination. Motion Graphics mean we can create exactly what you’re after.


You might have some other ideas for what you’d like to see from your testimonial videos. Perhaps you want one longer compilation video rather in addition to the separate shorter ones. We're happy to help you find the right website video solution that suits your needs.

Client Testimonials

Windgap Marketing team

Reviews from the Samoan Police Service team

Vata aka Krabby Patty is a project manager at the Samoan Police Service.

Phil was the project coordinator and enjoyed working with Victoria, our Project Manager.

Talking to a few Digital Marketing Agencies? We encourage that!

First Class Reputation For Digital Marketing

We urge you to go and check out what people have to say about Ben, our founder, and the team at Matter Solutions.

Check out what they write on our YouTube channel about Sam's PPC advice and help.

We're confident that you'll find that our team in Brisbane walks the walk, and we look after our clients for the long term.

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