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We LOVE to see clients succeed, and our kpi-driven approach informs this all the time, BUT, when clients *tell* us they're happy too, that is awesome!

Ontex is a global healthcare corporation with a successful team based in Sydney, Australia. Almost our entire team works on projects and campaigns for Ontex.

KAtrina Locke

strategY manager

Mark maclean

marketing manager healthcare

Services delivered

Katrina says...

Ontex has worked with Matter Solutions since 2014, and I have been involved since 2016; with the last year escalating our investment in digital projects.

The Matter team has been a critical resource to advance our custom Laravel platform and marketing activities; shifting our organisation from minimal digital exposure to improving our digital performance ten fold to effectively compete in our strategic market.

By approaching our project work through a phased approach, we have been able to launch a number of successful initiatives through Matter Solutions which have exceeded project requirements at local and global levels through delivering not just on timelines and budget, but also the features and level of creativity expected.

This company is more than a typical digital agency - they act as true partners to your organisation. 

This professional organisation will work to your requirements and act proactively, suggesting best methods and not afraid to steer you in the right direction. 

I cannot recommend Ben, Victoria and the team highly enough.

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"Their communication - Outstanding"

"The end product -Remarkable!"
Nick Moller - Entrepreneur