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Website Copywriting Packages

We write content for websites

Website Content with SEO research

$2k per 5 page block
  • Create pages about key services, about the organisation and cornerstone blog post(s)
  • SEO research from multiple sources to get off on the right foot
  • Planning the Information Architecture (IA) 
  • Proofing process involves client
  • Experience in regulated fields: Medical, Dental, Financial, Insurance & Legal.
  •  Conversion centric, consider humans *and* bots
  • Flexible style to suit your desired tone

 Rewrite Existing Page To Improve Ranking

$900-1.5k per page, or bundles available
  • Detailed SEO research and planning for one or many pages.
  • Recommend which page(s) to modify for maximum impact
  • Update content methodically
  • Thorough proofing process
  • Clear metric-driven reports of results
  • Earn more impressions and clicks in the Search Results

Blogging & Page Creation

$500+ per quarter
per post or page
  • Well researched blog posts
  • Loaded directly into your WordPress website
  • SEO researched and tuned
  • Graphic design options are available
  • Data-driven articles available
  • Match your tone to free you up from blogging and page creation
  • Overlap this work with your Email Marketing
  • Research & Set-Up Plus: we can even map out a plan of pages to add over time
Set-up Fee
Our blogging or page creation service usually arises from the Digital Marketing Strategy so the "setting up" of getting to know your market, your business and your personas is already done. As a standalone service we'd need to meet with you and go over this ground so it is wise to budget $500-1k for this initial work.

Copywriting for your website

  • Do you need help improving the text on your website?
  • Does it have the right keywords? Does it answer your potential customer's needs?
  • More importantly, does it convert visitors into Leads?

Talk to us about making your copywriting a valuable part of your Digital Marketing.

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