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Sam Fields

Google Ads Guru

You will often find Sam happily engrossed in analysing the data that presents from his strategies, however, do not be fooled into thinking he is a robot, Sam loves to chat. In fact, this is where Sam excels, by asking the right questions of his clients, he is able to formulate a strategy based off the needs of the business and his own theory which he calls Core.


Sam started with Matter Solutions in early 2016 as our Paid & Social Media Manager and quickly revolutionised the way we operate in the paid media space with his exceptional focus on managing client's Google Ad accounts. He brings with him an extensive experience in sales and marketing, specialising in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), especially as our Brisbane Manager of Google Ads for clients.

Having gained great results with many different industries and companies, including the not-for-profit/charities, and marketing all types of products on all types of websites. Sam not only takes great pride in his work, but he loves it too. Overseeing all of our clients AdWords management keeps him pretty busy throughout the day but this doesn’t stop him from taking time out of his day to help the team in any way possible.

Sam has had considerable success in helping clients take their Google Ads to the next level by

  1. Helping client resources learn what they can do day-to-day via Custom Google Ads Training.
  2. Proactive professional management of Google Ads for clients, either
    • as part of a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign, or
    • as a specific pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to generate quick wins, ASAP
    • and in transition between these two as clients strategically pivot from one mode to another.
  3. Creating an online Google Ads course, with a working title of "Practical Google Ads Management" to be launched in September 2024.


Google Ads Certified
2013 to present
Google Analytics Certified
2013 to present

FAvourite things


TV Series:
The Last Of Us, The Sopranos, Family Guy

Place to eat: 
Korean or Brazilian BBQ

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