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Specialists in all brands of garage doors.



Doors Direct are a local, family owned and operated business based on the Northside of Brisbane. Their team specialises in the supply, installation, motorising, servicing and repair of garage doors in all suburbs of Brisbane. They are fully licenced by the QBCC and are also a member of AGDA – Australian Garage Door Association and the IDA – International Door Association.


The website needed to showcase their existing work and ensure that customers could easily get in touch.

There was a lot of work to be done, and we were only too happy to aid them in this aspect. DoorsDirect wanted a mobile responsive website with a strong gallery for users to see previous designs and installations as a reference for discussions. Clarity for the end user is of high importance to empower them to make an informed decision.

Technologies Used

We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities


Content Management System178


CSS Pre-processing177


Javascript Task Runner180

Advanced Custom Fields

Multiple Content Types for WordPress826

Adobe Photoshop

Professional Design Software827


Scalable Vector Graphicsone

The Result

The new design is clean, aligns to the brand and has large scale imagery to showcase the installations and designs. The display typeface used for headings gives personality to the look and feel of the website and the home page content hierarchy is clearly defined to allow users to find the information they are looking for.

Responsive Design

Imagery and clear calls to action are essential for the sort of site were creating, so these were aspects we really focused on.

With the ability to add a gallery anywhere and to organise them into categories, this allows DoorsDirect the flexibility to create new galleries as needed, which were proving to be a very powerful tool for users looking at similar installations.

We implemented a mobile-first, responsive design, with a lean code base and a faster load time. We cut the number of file requests on the initial page load from 91 to 33 and took seconds off of their page load time. People who need to access the website while away from a desk can now do so just as easily as anyone else.


We provide Search Engine Optimisation strategies tailored to your business to maximise results and increase website traffic.

The Strategy


To seamlessly implement the SEO strategy with the launch of the responsive website. Additionally, our SEO experts had the task of mitigating their previous SEO company’s strategy that was questionable. This was all to be done in conjunction with task of implementing a strategy that would help drive more traffic to the website and increase online conversions from organic traffic.


A valuable aspect of the initial implementation of the SEO strategy was the ability to work alongside our own in-house web development team. The SEO and Web teams were able to work together to build the vital SEO fundamentals into the website from the beginning. The SEO team we were able to use their technical knowledge of Google Tag Manager to track all elements of their webpage that the client required. This allowed us to have a better idea of user interaction with the website and were able to adjust the ongoing SEO strategy as required.


As part of the SEO strategy with any new client we conducted our Entry Report. This is done to ensure we have a thorough understanding of where the client is positioned in the market as well as the overall health of their website. This Entry Audit includes an analysis of the backlink profile, keyword research, onsite optimisation such as – site architecture, title tags as well as reviewing the sitemap and indexing and crawling from Google.
With the creation of the new website it was crucial to the longevity of the website that the Information Architecture was implemented correctly. In addition to this, the SEO team ensured the redirects from the old website to the new website URL structure were implemented seamlessly.

When comparing the new website to the old we used a five-week period and compared it to the previous year. This was done to remove any seasonal trends that might occur and to provide the most accurate comparison.

  • 12.79%

    increase in sessions

  • 10.09%

    increase in average session duration

  • 17.28%

    decrease in bounce rate

The Result

In the same time we have seen a 12.79% increase in sessions along with a 10.09% increase in Average Session Duration whilst also experiencing a 17.28% decrease in Bounce Rate.

Do you need help like Doors Direct?

It took just a one phone call to work out how to help, and a follow-up meeting for us to present recommendations and get busy. 

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