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The website needed to deliver relevant information while reflecting the personality of the brand in a bespoke design.

The Challenge

We knew the website was going to have a lot of information contained within it. The pages would need to be designed in a way that would make them easy for users to read, with enough flexibility to create visual interest to keep engagement high.

With two clear target audiences; agencies and employers, we had to balance the information architecture and content hierarchy to ensure that the each of these groups could get to their relevant information quickly. To achieve this, these audiences were broken into separate sections of the website.

The Result

Ubidy requested a style that would reflect their professional, corporate image, but contain enough of their brand personality to make it unique. We crafted a mobile responsive, bespoke WordPress theme that fits their requested style and aligns to the brand guidelines provided. They had many colours to choose from, but we chose the two main blue shades for using throughout the design. This gives a very strong representation of their brand, with some additional colours being used as accents.two


Hosting & Security

Once the website was completed, Ubidy decided to hand over the hosting and WordPress security management of the website to us. With our fast host, the bespoke theme really shines here, loading quickly on different devices and connections. The routine security upgrades we perform gives Ubidy peace of mind.blockquote




The theme utilises both photography and iconography throughout the pages to give impact and provide atmosphere. The iconography assists in breaking up the large amount of information available, to make it more readable and engaging.

Home Page Design

On the home page, we introduce Ubidy to the user, showing a screenshot of the software to create a clear expectation of what Ubidy provides. The image of the earth in the background instantly gives a global feel and we overlaid a subtle blue gradient to tint the image to better suit the blue of their branding. To funnel each of the audiences to their sections, we placed call to actions beside each other, with information relevant to them.

The main goal of the website was to enable both groups of users to easily book appointments. Because Ubidy works globally, we had to route the appointment requests to different people around the globe. This is based on both the users selected region and whether they are an agency or employer



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