Nathan Crowe

Dear {{ dubdubdub.developer }}

We are looking for an exceptional web developer to join our team. Continue reading this if you: want to work somewhere where you would be valued and listened to, and because you’re awesome and want to work with other awesome  … more »

Nicole Forrest

Mobile First Design – 5 Top Tips

What is mobile first design I hear you say? Typically when developing & planning website it’s designed for a desktop, then modified to smaller screen sizes like tablets and mobiles. Now, considering that smart phones and tablets are sold almost  … more »


CentOS – Disable Firewall

For whatever reason, sometimes you need to disable the firewall on your CentOS server. Below is the code necessary that you can run in SSH to disable the firewall. For IPv4 service iptables save service iptables stop chkconfig iptables off  … more »


To Grep or not to Grep

A client’s website (of 3000 pages) has recently seen 1.3 Million pages indexed. We need to hunt for the reasons why and the fastest solution is actually to go through the access_log files in apache and determine where to GoogleBot  … more »


IBM M8837-35M Ethernet Drivers

Recently had an issue when installing some servers we purchased as a bulk lot. They are IBM 8837 15M & IBM 8837 35M servers. One of which we needed to install a Windows 2003 DEV environment onto. Unfortunately finding that


AJAX Cross Domain

Today i came across an issue when trying to load an JSON file via an AJAX call to a sub domain of the site i was working on. After trying various work around with the Java Script itself i ended up going in search  … more »


MSapp Database Upgraded

Clients and past SEO training attendees who use our MSapp system will notice some speed improvements as the platform has been seriously upgraded this morning. For those of you who like website technologies and cloud hosting infrastructure, read on. The  … more »


Hard Drive Fried by Storm

Last week, while I was in the US at Mozcon, a conference for SEO Professionals from around the World. When I got back (yes to the office) from Brisbane Airport at 9am Monday morning in the midst of the greetings  … more »


Gravity Forms Add-On for CapsuleCRM

I really like CapsuleCRM. It really epitomises what is great about the web: A simple system, with a true “Killer App.” To coin a dot-com-boom phrase: Manage your customers – that is all. The API means anyone can by-pass other  … more »