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We primarily use two technologies in Web Development here at Matter Solutions.

WordPress Web Development

Looking for expert WordPress website development in Brisbane? Matter Solutions is here to enhance your website with new and additional features, but our strategic approach means we're always thinking about, and advocating for, your users. Will this new feature add value, or could it slow things down and detract in some way.

Okay, we've found a feature that we're confident will add-value to your website. What next?

Our experienced team specialises in developing custom functionality to improve user experience (UX), boost performance, and meet your evolving business needs.

We have extensive experience ensuring your WordPress site stays ahead of the curve:-

  • Integrating existing advanced (free and) premium plugins, e.g. GravityForms, GravityView, ACF Pro and WPML and many more.
  • Optimising for speed - a serious part of Technical SEO too.
  • Adding unique capabilities with custom plugins just for you.

Laravel Web Development

Laravel empowers a number of excellent features, we've used it for clients in the following ways with great success:-

  1. Rapid Development - Migrating a legacy MVCC system, i.e. Code Igniter into Laravel, and FuelPHP into Laravel.
  2. Prototyping - Building a system using an Agile Methodology to create the shape, and structure and functionality desired by an entrepreneur.
  3. Support + Maintenance + Development - Actively troubleshoot, maintain (with upgrades etc) and support a cohort of users, and incrementally improve the system over time.

The testimonial from Katrina at Ontex refers directly to all three services here.

Other Web Developer Technologies

It is worth noting that we have extensive experience with systems admin.

This includes primary technologies stacks and what we call "equivalent technologies" that can be swapped in place instead of specific components to improve functionality, performance or both.

  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Docker - Developing on portable virtual machines
  • NGINX + PHP-FPM & Varnish Cachine
  • MariaDB - instead of MySQL
  • Percona XtraDB - for running clustered databases which directly replace MySQL
  • MongoDB - NoSQL when appropriate

We're also have skills with foundational server and sysadmin technologies:-

  • WPCLI - WordPress' own scripting tool for command line management
  • PHP - command line based scripting, used for automation
  • Selenium - for automation of web browsers, e.g. for testing and repetitive tasks
  • Bash scripts, usually for server management
  • Perl scripts - great for text processing

If you need technical help please read our Get Started page, and then send us an enquiry via our contact us page.

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