October 1, 2014

Dear {{ dubdubdub.developer }}

Published: 1 October 2014 

We are looking for an exceptional web developer to join our team.

Continue reading this if you:

  1. want to work somewhere where you would be valued and listened to, and

  2. because you're awesome and want to work with other awesome people who dream big, get sh*t done and know how to have fun.

Source: LinkedIn

You’re the type of person that thrives on collaborating and working closely with your team on every project. You want to work with enthusiastic, passionate and talented people who respect you and what you do. They’re the type of people who ask you for your input and listen when you speak. They take notice of the effort you put in to carefully crafting your code and won’t do anything to destroy it - because they value it!

So… as a developer you’re expected to know things, right? Yes, we could give you a list of requirements here, but as the role is for a web developer, let us assume that, inherently, you’re up-to-date with all the latest.

However, you love...

  • what you do
  • WordPress
  • programming
  • being a pure developer
  • TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • an awesome build script and know why they make real sense
  • your team - ‘cause you also respect them and what they do

We love where we work! So should you.

And when the coding gets done, we build other stuff. Like this:

batman_2 metal_2 space_2

Ben Maden

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