Looking to increase search engine rankings? Our SEO Brisbane experts will work closely with you to help achieve your goals. We provide tailored packages, designed specifically to suit your needs and achieve the results you desire.

Increasing Your Website Traffic - Increasing Your Profit

With over 100 billion Google searches a month you have a huge opportunity to increase traffic to your website. Increasing the traffic to your website generates an increase in profit.  Since most traffic comes from search engine queries, you carefully select keywords to show your relevance to a search engine query for Google to rank your page higher.

Alas, this is easier said than done!

The process of increasing your rankings higher than your competitors in Google is never ending complex situation.  Google frequently refines its ranking algorithm, ensuring that searches quickly return relevant results.  As Google’s ranking algorithm is top secret, this means that there are no easy short-cuts.  By the way, beware any such promises.

Search engine optimisation is essential for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to reach a wider audience, ensuring your business continues to grow.

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Why Choose Our SEO?

We have specialised in SEO for over 10 years. We know what does and doesn’t work and we have designed our packages to ensure your website is optimised as effectively as possible.

SEO keywords

To do this we lay a strong foundation by removing any issues in your website that will stand in the way of getting the best results. Chances are you won’t even be aware that these issues exist.

Have you ever heard of a robots.txt file for example? A lot of people haven’t, even though it can have a significant effect on search engine rankings. A robots.txt file gives search engine crawlers instructions when they visit your website so they can find and index pages. Test it for yourself: type /robots.txt at the end of your website’s URL and see whether your website has this file and what instructions it includes.

After careful analysis of your website we get down into the nitty gritty of SEO, optimising existing pages and creating new ones where relevant.This is all monitored using Google metrics so that we can gather data about your rankings and show you the impact of our work. We love what we do and our approach is always transparent, committed and professional.

Is SEO right for you?

Site Audit

We provide all prospective clients with a free SEO site audit to help evaluate your website.

One of our experts will look over your site and provide a detailed analysis using our SEO checklist. This will give us an indication of how your site is performing and what needs to be done to improve it.

We can then create a structured plan to help get your SEO on track as quickly as possible. The audit will focus on the following factors:

Keyword Research

Our first step will be to take a look at your products and services, and carry out keyword research. This is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimisation, as ranking for the correct keywords is vital in attracting the right traffic to your site.

We will present you with a list of the best keywords that will help you attract traffic that converts.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are up to is vital, are they ranking higher than you? If so, why?  Before we start your SEO campaign we need to know exactly what you are up against. We will learn what your competitors are doing well and how they are doing it, helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Google Penalty Audit

Have you noticed a sudden drop in your search engine rankings? You may be a victim of a Google penalty. Google regularly change their algorithms to encourage white hat SEO practices.

Full onsite content analysis and a review of your backlink profile will be necessary to help determine whether your site is at risk. We will investigate fully and report back on your site situation and what needs to be done to resolve any problems.

Site Architecture Review

User experience is becoming increasingly important, as Google’s algorithms are becoming more sophisticated and are able to view your site like a real user.

SEO Success Stories - Customised Strategies that Work

At Matter Solutions, we take great pride in our work. Nothing is as rewarding then seeing a clients’ business flourish because of the services we provided them. Below are two examples of our clients achieving solid page ranking status at the No. 1 position on Google search.

In the first case, KOMPAN, a company that builds playground equipment, tried to do their own SEO, achieving marginal results. Their page appeared on page 20 on a Google search. After engaging the services of Matter Solutions, first using Matter Solutions’ SEO approach and then later upgrading to Matter Solution’s Inbound Marketing strategy, KOMPAN now consistently ranks first for “playground equipment,” a coveted keyterm in their industry.

In the second case, Martin Hood Psychology was a small business with few clients.  Matter Solutions stepped in after Martin Hood Psychology had their website, implementing a customised SEO strategy for a small business on a budget.  The SEO strategy worked so well that the business reduced their need of monthly SEO maintenance: they had too many clients of their own and had to turn away new clients!

Customised SEO Packages - Ranks Websites Sooner and for Longer

We have a package to suit you no matter what size or type your website is. Read through your options below and select the one that suits you best.

If you’re not sure which package is right for your business feel free to call us on (07) 3117 2300 to chat about your specific needs.


$900 Do you have a small website with big potential? Get noticed with our Small SEO Package and enjoy the attention you deserve.


$1800 We will do a comprehensive analysis of your website and make changes that will see it performing better than ever.


$3000 If your website requires more complicated work we are well-equipped to handle it. Let us do the hard work so you can enjoy the great benefits of ranking well.