March 7, 2022

SEO Courses We Recommend

Published: 7 March 2022 + Updated: 17th Dec 2023
This post is constantly evolving. We actively use these courses to train our team and have incorporated parts into our procedures.

Are these all just affiliate links? Generally no, but there could be one or two here, and our affiliate disclosure page says we might use affiliate programs, but... that page also makes it clear that we only list websites that we genuinely recommend and in this case that means course we have (or would) spend our own money on buying... and often most significantly have (or will) invest our valuable time into them.

1. SEO That Works by Brian Dean

bought+devoured over & over

This course was fantastic. Ben has been through the whole thing almost three times.

Brian lifts the lid on all the ins-and-outs of creating linkworthy content that sees his website at rank so well for some super competitive terms. The entire SEO team at Matter Solutions use procedures that have evolved from this course when creating "big content" for SEO Campaigns.

The work we did for Ontex, and have even developed a case study, mentions this sort of work.

Unfortunately, SEO That Works, also known as STW, is current closed to new enrollments but there is a waiting list you can use to sign up. In January 2022 SEM Rush bought Backlinko and has seems to be working on SEM Rush Academy - watch this space.

2. Web Copy Masterclass by Kevin Meng


A few months ago Ben wrote Kevin a testimonial and review. This really sum up how the SEO Team at Matter Solutions feel about this excellent course. Ben says...

I met Kevin at Chiang Mai SEO some years ago and we loosely connected on Social Media. Some time later he released his Web Copywriting Course it coincided with my desire to get my run-of-the-mill website copywriting skills up a gear. The course was fan-bloody-tastic!

I listened to it on my morning walks taking the place of my normal audiobook sessions.

I dedicated time to listen to it when I was at my desk so I could try stuff out.
I devoured the whole thing, many components more than once.
More importantly than what I did to acquire knowledge from this guy is the impact it had on my business.

My writing was suddenly more interesting, legit(!), I could give life to an article about continence pants, yes - really and my clients were happier than ever. My ability to get more from other writers on the team went up too, I could show them what I wanted with my new found skills.

I highly recommend his training course.

3. The Affiliate Lab - Matt Diggity

bought + love it

Although 90% of the SEO work we do at Matter Solutions is agency work, i.e. for clients, the fundamentals inside the Affiliate Lab are just second to none.

Everything is covered, nothing is left out. Right from the ground up this is just great... Selecting a niche, choosing keywords, mapping keywords to pages. We dip in and out when we need to train up a new member of the team, but it is excellent to know we have lifetime access and Matt and his team keep it up to date, even adding new modules when things change, e.g. EAT becomes EEAT.

4. Authority Hacker's TASS - Geal Breton

bought / barely started

The Authority Site System (TASS) is massive and very comprehensive. Ben has barely started it, but where we've dipped in and out it looks great. Time is the enemy here, Ben needs to stop listing to business audiobooks, and building tools and API connections for us and our clients and dedicate himself to TASS.

We were super tempted to buy the pro-version in early 2023, but as we've not really got deep enough with the basic version we didn't take it up.... yet.

More time invested, coming soon.

5. Paddy Moogan's Link Building Book

Free, and a great resource

Ben wrote this bit...

In 2012 I met Paddy at Mozcon. At the time he was at Distilled doing great things with link acquisition for their clients. I was super impressed by his talk, and some good banter over a few pints, so when it came out I instantly bought his Link Building Book.

Since then Paddy has founded his own agency Aira in Milton Keynes, in the middle of the UK (where I lived for a short while aged 9 & 10), they've published the link-building book as a linkworthy asset, and it sure is that hence linking to it above. Check it out and learn from one of the old-school masters of link building.

6. Link Building Training

Not bought, heard great things - in the plan for 2023 & 2024

We've heard great things about Stacey Macnaught's Link Building Training. This is definitely on the radar for the future.


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