January 23, 2018

Why you should be using Pressidium Premium Hosting

Published: 23 January 2018 

Finding a WordPress hosting company that can be trusted and reliable can be difficult, thankfully, we came across Pressidium and never looked back. Their reliability and speed are unmatched to anything else we have found. They come highly recommended for secure and scalable WordPress hosting and for very good reason.

Even before you get started with your site being hosted by them, the first thing you notice is the amazing service received. They take the time to get to know the business. Your website goals suddenly become their website goals. It’s great to have them working with you doing all they can to help you achieve those. You’re working with actual engineers, not salespeople. They’re on call 24/7 too!

The infrastructure is unbeatable. It is designed never to fail. It was built from scratch with N-tier architecture with no single point of failure. This makes it one of the most reliable servers, offering a powerful performance with maximum security. This gives businesses like ours peace-of-mind on many levels.

Even better are the Singapore servers, giving extra back-up that is done daily. In the event of disaster striking, we’d still be up and running. In fact, Pressidium is global with different data centres around the world and even more strategic edge locations.

What also adds to peace of mind is the security, Pressidium constantly scans for vulnerabilities and malware threats. Additionally, they make the process of installing a free SSL certificate easy, with full Let's Encrypt support. This ensures website visitors keep their information secure, it also is a positive signal for Google rankings.

The servers are also incredibly fast. We’re pleased with the continued performance of our site which increases positive user experience thanks to the ease and speed of it. Pressidium does this by sending the requests to the least busy server.

Medium to large businesses will love Pressidium, including the user dashboard. It is so easy to operate and can even be worked on mobiles or tablets thanks to the responsive design. Instant backups are made so if we made a change that ended up breaking an element of the site, we can go back to an earlier version with one click. We love the cache management that allows us to clear the website’s cache easily. One of the main features we are really excited about is the option to create a staging website very easily. This allows us to do testing of new features and then push it to the live website. If it works out great, we don’t need to spend the time replicating it – we just send it to Production. The Cloning Tool helps us create templates to use again. Of course, as with the other features of Pressidium, domain mapping is made simple. All you have to do is update the DNS settings and Pressidium did the rest. Any questions we had about our site were answered thanks to the Knowledge Base.

The real-time analytics has given our team great insight into our audiences, which we have already been able to use to our advantage. Pressidium has saved us a lot of time, to say the least. No doubt that companies like ours, including the Fortune 500 companies that use Pressidium, are finding their website operations a breeze and nothing that needs to be played around with too much. It’s very straightforward and easy to navigate.

It’s apparent why Pressidium is recommended above the rest. As far as managed WordPress hosting goes, Pressidium is by far the best available. We feel completely confident that our website is in good hands. Pressidium just feels part of our brand, they work with us, to make our site the very best it can be. We don’t feel like another customer, but instead a valued client. Pressidium can do the same for you as they have done for us.

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