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Being expert WordPress web designers in Brisbane, we know how to maintain and update websites. If you are looking at an ongoing package for edits and security updates on your website, this is the right place.
Let's talk about fixing your website with a maintenance pack.

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Our WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

This is available to anyone whether we built your website or not.

2.5 hours


Website maintenance includes any of the following:


6 hours


Website maintenance includes 2.5h block options and any of the following:


Custom Package


Website maintenance includes:-

  • same services as the 2.5 & 6 hour blocks,
  • custom options available,
  • larger sizes available (15-25 hours),
  • options exist for ongoing commitment, e.g. repeating quarterly marketing sprints.

2.5 hours/quarter

$450 /quarter

Website maintenance includes any of the following:

  • Add & Edit Content
  • Add & Optimise Blog Posts
  • Add & Configure Enquiry Forms
  • Check Your Stats & Give Recommendations
  • SEO Consulting
  • Speed Testing & Optimisation
  • Installation of Website Tracking – Analytics & Conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

6 hours/quarter

$1,025 /quarter

Website maintenance includes any of the following:

  • Add & Edit Content
  • Add & Optimise Blog Posts
  • Add & Configure Enquiry Forms
  • Check Your Stats & Give Recommendations
  • SEO Consulting
  • Speed Testing & Optimisation
  • Installation of Website Tracking – Analytics & Conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Custom Package

$1,250+ /quarter

Website maintenance includes any of the following:

  • Add & Edit Content
  • Add & Optimise Blog Posts
  • Add & Configure Enquiry Forms
  • Check Your Stats & Give Recommendations
  • SEO Consulting
  • Speed Testing & Optimisation
  • Installation of Website Tracking – Analytics & Conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
No Set-up Fee. Just pay in advance for the hours you need each quarter (or faster).

Overlap Website Maintenance with our Website Security + Hosting Service
Clients who also buy our website security + hosting never have "WPSEC" time deducted from their website maintenance hours, those are all covered in that fixed fee arrangement. 

Our Website Maintenance Process


Actioning YOUR Web Maintenance Requests

If you have any web changes you need to be actioned then you can send it through to your account manager. The process usually begins with an email or phone call. The account manager will prepare a task ticket and get the skilled team members to estimate the task. Once this estimate is approved we will schedule it in as soon as possible.

Maintenance Costs: NO SURPRISES - Guaranteed!

If the estimation we put together will take your account beyond the pre-purchased hours allocated for the maintenance budget we will let you know. You can either buy an additional block of hours, which last another quarter, or just pay an ad-hoc rate - at your choice.


Moving through the work in a methodical way comes naturally to skilled programmers and website designers but communicating clearly about what is going on... this is where many fail to set and live up to client expectations. Your dedicated account manager monitors the work done and communicates with you about prioritisation, planning, delivery and making work live so you know where things stand without any worry.

Unspent hours? Get Proactive Website Maintenace Recommendations

If the service is coming to an end (typically quarterly) and there is still time left for maintenance we will propose and recommend some website changes. This can be anything from SEO changes to web design bug fixes.

Clients find it comforting and empowering to have a proactive expert team who regularly consider: What would I do with this website if it were mine?


Stand Alone Or Linked Services

Our website maintenance service is an excellent standalone service for small businesses who want professional help on-demand.

It also seamlessly links in with other services that you may have underway so that your web designers and web developers can enhance the website to augment the performance of your Google Ads Management, SEO Campaigns or even incrementally add to your WordPress website design over time.

Client Testimonials

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Check out what they write on our YouTube channel about Sam's PPC advice and help.

We're confident that you'll find that our team in Brisbane walks the walk, and we look after our clients for the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions...
...about Website Maintenance

why is website maintenance important?

No doubt you've visited a website with broken pages, broken images or even overlapping broken elements on the screen.

When built properly this is an unlikely occurrence but over time the underlying software and necessarily updates to it can mean that even the best websites need some care and attention.

If you find yourself with a few broken elements and just need a quick fix our service can provide an easy-to-use answer.


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How much does it cost to maintain a website?

A recently built WordPress website put together well so that WordPress security updates and page edits are simple to do, and never cause any issues will need far less support than an older brittle website.

Typically clients who try our service are one of the following...

  • Recent website purchased but need professional help to get it just right. Often clients find us and just need a proactive team with strong communication skills to put right those few things their existing website doesn't seem willing or able to resolve. We've even helped to train new website owners on their WordPress website because they've been left high and dry by their budget website design purchase.
  • Bought a website, likely WordPress, long ago and it is broken, neglected and just needs a solid review and fix of the serious issues so it looks "not broken".
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WordPress websites have become increasingly popular in recent times. There is a reason it is the most used Content Management System in the world.

Most website designers in Brisbane these days use it as their main content management system because of its flexibility and ease of use by normal business people. There are constantly plugins that are being developed and updated to make almost anything possible. Some of the smartest minds in website development have been working to create this truly powerful platform.

DOING THINGS the Wordpress way...

The entire system is easily updated so you can remain safe and secure but anything custom MUST have been added to the WordPress site "the WordPress way". Over the years I, Ben, have seen some shocking changes made inside the WordPress "Core" or butchery of well-known plugins.

These things did what they needed to for the client's needs... but because they were put in place incorrectly they caused issues, the most common of these are

  1. Preventing WordPress from updating, this could be WordPress Core, a plugin, or a theme. IF they can't be updated then this means you might end up carrying a vulnerability that you don't want. This is especially so in popular plugins and in WordPress's Core.
  2. It could be that updates are still allowed... and when the update runs it overwrites the custom work done by the developer.

I guess it depends on your situation whether problem one or two is worse but there is a simple way to avoid them, use a developer with serious experience in WordPress.


Creating a Content Management System of the same complexity of WordPress would cost tens of thousands of dollars... it simply isn't worth doing when provides a free version, and free updates.

The "cost" of using a free to use open source technology like WordPress isn't in a purchase price. The software itself is free (of course).

The cost of ownership is a function of it being super successful. With so many people using WordPress it has become a big target for hackers and scammers who want to break into and utilise your website to do bad things (I won't go into what) but it happens... the "cost" of ownership is in keeping the website secure and prevent bad actors from breaking in.

WordPress make this simple* with security updates that can be applied with a click of a link. We train our clients on how to do this when we hand over the website - AND we show them how to run a backup just beforehand in the very very unlikely event that something goes wrong. 


Need to replace this - slides from the WP Business training about WP structure and keeping design, content and code all separated?

What services can I use under the "website maintenance" budget?

Generally clients initially use the website maintenance service to 

  • Fix design issues - because elements are broken or not showing properly.
  • Fix coding problems where errors are spewing out onto the website (above or inside the) page.

But, when clients get used to the simple quarterly fee and the transparent approach to project management and communication they often ask us to recommend what other services their budget could help with. This could be...

  • SEO + Copy writing - a specific edit to improve a high value page
  • Google Analytics - Setting up Goal Tracking so you aren't flying blind (discussed in detail on our Digital Marketing Strategy page)
  • Google Ads - fixing a specific issue or liaising with Google's Support Team on your behalf
  • Email Marketing - Setting up templates in MailChimp (or similar)
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We two strategies that just seem to have evolved over time, but work very well.


The developer responsible for WordPress security is subscribed to two data sources for alerts about exploits and vulnerabilities in WordPress. We know about issues as soon as the community and WordPress themselves know.


Over the years we've been active members of the WordPress community in Australia. We highly recommend anyone interested in WordPress go along to a WordPress event in their areas.

  • Ben is a member of and help's out in the WP Australia Slack Group every so often. This is a great place to share, learn and help each other.
  • Ben founded BWD, The Brisbane Web Design Meetup Group, this is currently not meeting due to COVID and has a wider scope than just WordPress but it has covered lots of WordPress specific info, especially years ago before the WP Brisbane became so well run and popular.
  • Numerous members of the Matter Solutions team have given presentations at WordCamp events around Australia.
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Yes, the level of transparency we provide, especially when doing maintenance might encourage you to take this work on yourself.

For example: WordPress Security. You simply need to have an aptitude for regular tasks and have somewhere to escalate issues that are beyond your skills (with a small support plan).

NB. Most people who begin doing their own security and updates work decide to put their time in their own business and leave it to the experts.

It is worth noting that clients that host with us get WordPress Security work built into that service.... so they don't need to use their maintenance hours for that.

This answer is based on part of the SEO Training I used to provide, from 2010, and this graphic (below) is the one we used to use in our footer to advertised training workshops.  

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