November 15, 2008

Internet Marketing Brisbane

Published: 15 November 2008 

The ultimate goal of Internet Marketing (aka web marketing) is to "get you customers" cost effectively. The key steps are...

  1. Optimising your website to turn visitors into customers
  2. Assessing the economics of your products or services to ensure that traffic is purchased cost-effectively
  3. Targeting and attracting people to visit your website (on budget). This step includes search engine advertising and other forms of marketing such as e-mail marketing.
  4. Advanced analytics to measure performance
  5. Constant enhancement using real data

Internet Marketing Brisbane

It is always useful when clients think about the following factors when considering a comprehensive approach to online marketing.

  • What products or services do you provide, what profit do you make on these?
  • Are purchase patterns seasonal?
  • Is there a particular time frame or important deadline?
  • What type of "conversion" are you looking for, e.g. generate a lead or online purchase?

There are many more factors that we'll go through with you when planning an internet marketing plan for your business.

Internet Marketing Brisbane

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Google Adwords, Ben Maden is a Qualified Google Adwords Professional

Affiliate Marketing

  • Custom/owned affiliate programs
  • Using central affiliate services, e.g. clickbank
  • PRO: Excellent viral potential
  • CON: Little control over promotional content

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword analysis to identify block busters, quick-wins and long-tail phrases
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports put in place from the start
  • Tuning your website design and structure
  • Rewriting content to improve keyword performance
  • Intelligent Links service to generate significant and lasting ranking improvements in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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Email Marketing Brisbane

Widely acknowledged as the most cost effective marketing communication method it is a must for every business serious about doing well online. Our team provide...

  • Campaign planning and set-up
  • Training available if running your own campaigns
  • Use subscription lists, bought lists and create queues of auto-responses
  • Full service email marketing can even include composing and sending messages
  • Follow-up statistics fully integrated with Google Analytics

Viral Marketing

Who better to find new customers than existing customers?

We'll help you consider how your business can benefit from viral online marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Our professionals can take you through using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and many other leading social networking websites to promote your business. We offer three levels of service that provide you with piece of mind

  • Set-up and train only: You run your own campaigns after instruction
  • Train and retain: Run your own Internet advertising campaigns knowing that you have access to a dedicated web consultant to help move you in the right direction and keep and eye on what you are doing
  • Full service: A web consultant will manage your online exposure

Take a look at our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Service

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