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December 29, 2009

A More Powerful Google on Caffeine

Published: 29 December 2009 

Google Caffeine is coming soon. Don't Panic...It's all Good

The idea behind Google Caffeine is to show a new way of indexing the web.

Google will be more powerful

A good way to think about the Google Caffeine update is that Google's systems have been re-written under the hood to make the way they index web pages more powerful, a lot more flexible, and more robust. The advantage of this is it will let them scale more efficiently, i.e. search more documents and index pages more quickly.

google realtime search screenshotFor the eyes of the average Google user there will not be much difference, Google call this their seamless transition. Google has recently added "updates" on their show options menu which shows you that Google is improving their Realtime search capabilities adding data from Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace into their results. This latest update will definitely increase the value of social media marketing.

How will this affect your site?

Well, it all looks like the new search algorithms care even more about keywords than the last one. You can expected to see it care even more than before about the HTML Page titles (H1, H2 etc) and to bring up more results with those keywords. This clearly shows Google continue to put the emphasis on relevancy.

Power & Speed Search Results

The new search would be twice as fast as the last with more relevant results and even more exposure to different media types such as photos and videos. The algorithm’s definitely different and it seems there is more reliance on keyword strings (multiple keywords together in phrases) to produce better results.

Therefore to all our good SEO and internet marketing friends, your job has just got little bit harder especially if you’ve been relying on unethical black-hat SEO techniques. The great news for fellow white-hat SEO professionals is that if you have a good site architecture you will definitely have nothing to worry about.


Matt Cutts just mentioned on his blog "I wanted to reassure site owners that the full Caffeine roll out will happen after the holidays. Caffeine will go live at one data center so that we can continue to collect data and improve the technology, but I don’t expect Caffeine to go live at additional data centers until after the holidays are over".

I know here we are all curious as to see this live and i am sure you are too but we'll have to wait a couple of more weeks until Google would make an official announcement about it.

What do we think?

At Matter Solutions we’re really pleased to see this change happen and welcome the opportunity for our ethical SEO approach to keep helping our clients to outrank their competitors, even the ones that employ black-hat SEO tactics.

Ben Maden

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