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Matter Solutions is the leading provider of social media marketing services in Brisbane, Australia, and the surrounding areas as well as globally. We have an in depth understanding of the intricacies and nuances involved with using social media to gain a loyal following. Not only do we help you get more fans and followers, we also implement a consistent content releasing strategy to keep your fans engaged for the long term which builds trust and ultimately leads to conversions and sales.

The Power of Social

Social Media is an exceptionally flexible and powerful tool that can be utilized to build a community of followers and customers around your brand. Whether you are ultimately selling a product, service, or experience, you can start out by taking the initial steps needed to develop a following that will buy from you again and again. When social media is used effectively, it can help to build a main audience that advocates for your company and shares your content with their like-minded friends and colleagues. What’s more, the cost of social media marketing is just a fraction of what you would actually pay for traditional advertising! Our process works two-fold in that it will help you engage locally in Brisbane, as well as build a raving fan base from around the world.

Transforming Interest into Sales

People who excel at using social media as a marketing tool makes it look almost effortless. However, the reality is that it takes focus, time, skill, and effort actually to make it worth your while. Not only do you have to stand out from thousands of other businesses in your industry and local area but you also have to get the attention of your target audience and transmute it into actual leads and sales. This is where many Social Media companies fall short. They get you the 10,000 leads, but they leave it up to you to transform them into sales.

The Matter Solutions Difference

If you have worked with other digital marketing agencies in the past that left you unfulfilled, it’s time to experience the Matter Solutions difference. We take marketing to the next level by utilizing our cutting-edge marketing knowledge to develop an irresistible offer, and a sales funnel that brings in a steady stream of sales. We like to consider ourselves Brisbane-based Social Media Ninjas who know how to take your social media efforts farther than you ever thought possible by using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create an irresistible buzz around your business, products, and services. When you combine the two powerhouses of marketer and social media expert, you have everything you need to create a successful social media campaign.


With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms available today. It provides active users a unique opportunity to connect with their chosen market and to refine their audience based on interests, demographics, age, gender, location, relationship status, education, employment, and other filters. This is one of the most revolutionary advancements in marketing that allows advertisers the power to reach their audience so specifically. Matter Solutions will assist you with setting up your Facebook page and developing your brand strategy based on your business goals and your target audience or a favorably low cost.


Twitter is a social media platform that uses short messages to reach potential customers in a dynamic way. It can be an amazing tool for your business, and with approximately 4 million Australian users, this is a platform that can give your business major reach. You can connect with and engage your audience while consistently presenting your brand and even generating leads by using tweets to inform your audience of special offers.

Twitter works by way of short content sequences which should be succinct and well written to engender curiosity and can be used to direct your audience to click a link to find out more about what you have to offer. Since building trust is a critical part of any successful relationship, relevant, useful, and helpful tweets can be used to help your audience relate to you and trust what you have to offer which eventually leads to sales of your product or service.


LinkedIn is akin to a giant meeting room of the world’s professionals. With over 100 million business pros using LinkedIn, it is an excellent way to begin marketing your business. With a robust LinkedIn profile, you can build connections and contact potential partners and customers. In addition, with its built-in search feature, people can find you just as they would by using Google. You can maximize this feature by building your company page and implementing keywords that emphasise your business.

Visual Social Media

Some people say images are the most powerful ways to communicate and connect with another person. Visual social media allows you to do exactly that with your target audience. With visual social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, you can instantaneously and powerfully relay a message fraught with emotion that reaches your potential customer or client in a way that words simply can’t. These platforms are also excellent networks where your business can display what they sell and what interests are related to your industry. Since images appeal to the emotions so directly, they can immediately transcend the barriers of culture and location, race, or any other differential barriers.

Pinterest is a veritable powerhouse at generating a buzz over products, services, and of course interests. By posting engaging images and useful information to your followers, you can develop your business as an authority in its field, connect with potential long term customers, and build trust.

Instagram provides the chance to let your audience in behind the scenes of your personal life, business, or experience so that they can relate to you and connect with you in a real and authentic way. You can introduce employees, build anticipation, and drive traffic to your website all through Instagram. There is no need to hold back with Instagram as the more you give, the more you receive in terms of likes, followers, and ultimately sales.

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