September 16, 2010

WordPress SEO tweak

Published: 16 September 2010 

One little update to my WordPress SEO blog post way back in November 2009 is that you should update the settings in your blog to automatically notify Google's blog search when new posts appear.

To do this...

  • Log in to the WordPress admin area
  • Go to Settings > Writing
  • Scroll down to the "update services" field and add a new line (each service goes on a new line)
  • Paste in

Just "update"

Now publish a new post and go to and search for blog posts with your own blog's web address by typing this into the search field...

You'll be surprised how fast it gets indexed. That's what Google Caffeine was all about... making things reviewed and presented in the search results much faster.

Now that instant search is a reality things are going to get very interesting for everyone actively trying to rank higher in Google.

Ben Maden

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