January 29, 2014

8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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Published: 29 January 2014 

For many people, creativity is at the heart of their job. Whether you are a brand designer, writer, painter, marketer or film producer, keeping the creative juices flowing is absolutely essential. At Matter Solutions we have a variety of ways to stay motivated, focused and productive! Here are some tips from the team:

1. Have a drink


Ben: Drink a beer or three, or five. Write a load of bonkers drivel and then come back to clean it up later. I learned this from @mr_bruun of Apide A/S in Copenhagen who has been known to drink a beer and code in LISP whilst reading articles from Dr Dobbs.

2. Listen to music


Lowri: I find it always helps to listen to music. Something that matches the mood of how I expect to feel if I was on the receiving end of that content...excited, sad, inspired…Here's a playlist that I am enjoying at the moment- Old School Hip Hop.

3. Make a creative omelette


Marty: Embrace the autistic benefits of noticing EVERYTHING. Reference the photographic visual library of the visual cortex and combine all the things that look, feel, sound or taste banging. Once your creative omelette is in the pan, turn the heat up with an imposed deadline (real or not) and whittle it down until it’s undeniably tasty.

4. Write, write and write


Ruth: I have a book where I offload all the ideas buzzing around my head so I can think more clearly when I’m writing. I got the idea from the good ol’ Surrealists who played around with what they called ‘automatic writing’. If you feel a bout of writer’s block coming on get out a pen and paper and write down whatever comes to mind.This helps get the act of writing started and clears your mind so you have more room for creativity.

5. Think of the end user


Lowri: By putting my emotions in the position of the end user I can try and adapt what it is I'm doing appropriately.

6. Keep your eyes peeled


Nicole: In terms of design, I like to keep my eye on all types of marketing whether it be on the side of the bus, magazine ads, websites, facebook, shopping center’s etc. I look at the colours (match with target audience), any techniques or effects used on the brand design (keep a ‘mental library’ of techniques) , layout (use white-space), typography (the use of fonts) & images (subject & quality). It helps to give you a starting point when you have a mental block and you can then add your own creative flair.

7. Take yourself out


Ruth: Get out and about in the morning and at lunchtime. Mornings are pretty rough for me, I’m much more of a night owl, so getting out for a stroll in the morning helps get my mind into gear and ready to write. The act of walking helps thought processes and you might even see something inspiring along the way. Walk however you like, whether it’s strolling, power walking or Monty Python’s ‘silly walking’ – just get out.

8. Mix things up a bit


Martin: Do something else. Walk. Scrub the bath. Alphabetise your bookshelf. It may feel like you're procrastinating, but getting your body into some kind of action, especially the sort that is repetitive and easy to do on autopilot, is a great way to trick your brain into going other places. Then, in a way, your creativity becomes a way to take your mind off something else!

What are your favourite ways to boost creativity? Don't be shy, we are all friends here.

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