September 25, 2013

Social Media For Your Business Without The BS - Part 3

Published: 25 September 2013 

Getting Likers and Followers For Your Business Page


There are tricks to going about doing this and it varies from platform to platform but on Facebook, the number one social media, the trick is getting those first 50 likes. Fortunately, there is a tool you can use for this that most people do not know about. Most businesses will have a database of existing customers or leads. If you can export your CRM or web enquiries into a CSV you can upload it into Facebook using the “import email contacts” feature. There is a cap of 5000 contacts that you can upload.  I've never had more than that so I'm not sure what the further functionality restrictions there are, but we're only here to get those first 50.

On Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, getting the starting followers is pretty easy. Just find competitors or influencers in your niche and connect with those that follow them. They will very often follow you back. Do this for a week or two and you’ll have enough to start using content to gain more.

Once you’ve got those first likers or followers creating content in the way outlined in the next part will help you to continue gaining more.

Be sure to track new likers and followers each week to ensure that you continue gaining. There are good automated tools that I will show you in further parts. If your content isn’t gaining you new likers and followers you need to reconsider how you’re going about it.

Engaging in hashtag conversations and posting on the walls of and tweeting at influencers in your niche is also pivotal depending on the social media platform you’re using. For Twitter and LinkedIn it's crucial. For Facebook, not so much.

Using Facebook marketing is an easy way to get likers if you’re creative with the ads you create but it costs you money every time someone interacts with it and can be particularly expensive and is unnecessary really if you do it the right way. Facebook ads for products and promotions on the other hand are actually really effective.

Part 4 - Designing Content For Your Social Media Plan


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