June 13, 2013

Facebook and the # hashtag revolution

Published: 13 June 2013 



It was only a matter of time before Facebook, the most active social network across the world announced the incorporation of the famous # hashtag functionality.

The hashtag was created in 2007 by Twitter user Chris Messina as a way to filter “tweets” into their own sections. Since then, the function has expanded to services such as Flickr, Tumblr, Google + and Instagram and is extremely popular.

The goal of this new function is similar to Twitters as to allow users to spark converstions and friendships around common topics. As Facebook has announced that many users are already using the hashtag function, this  release will come as no surprise to the majority of the Facebook community.

The hashtag function is to be released in the coming weeks for the majority of Facebook users and if successful, will expand the social network to a new level of interactivity.

What are your thoughts on Facebook including hashtags into their functionality?

Ben Maden

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