March 2, 2013

A short blog post about War and Peace

Published: 2 March 2013 

I've been looking around at some tools for considering, comparing and analysing keywords and came across something interesting.

The ngrams from Google are the result of a quite magnificent project to collect data on the occurrence of words in "lots of books".

The ngram viewer tool plots lines on a chart showing the growth and decline of each word you supply.

Here is a screenshot of the chart I made

You can click it to go through to the ngram viewer

It makes complete sense to see both World War One and World War Two show prominently in the phrases "win the war" and "lasting peace" and the advent of the United Nations in the 1940's carrying the mention of "World Peace" throughout the 20th Century and beyond.

With the end of the Cold War I wondered about rise of Terrorism and was surprised by the scale of the result and decided to create two screenshots because the frequency of the word "terrorism" dwarf these War and Peace phrases.

I highly recommend clicking through and having a play with the tool yourself.

Let me know if you come up with any good ones in the comments below.

Ben Maden

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