February 22, 2013

Not Content Without Content

Published: 22 February 2013 

When you are at the supermarket, picking out what tomatoes to put in your bag to take home and turn into whatever kind of delicious food you have your heart set on, do you pick the old ones? The ones that have visible signs of age? Wear and tear and cuts and bruises? Of course you don't. So why expect Google to pick out websites that are the same?

Never before has freshness been such a pivotal ranking factor. We are seeing sites plummet due to having no updated content, being replaced by sites with far weaker SEO profiles due to the amount of content being provided on site. It goes without saying that an active online presence, a business that has an online presence, will be changing things on their website often. They will want to be keeping the internet up to date on their day to day activities and Google knows this. So no longer will your site reign supreme as a static website after a particularly heavy link building campaign. To keep your crown, you have to fight for it. You have to create fresh and unique content.

This can be done a variety of ways, probably most simply by adding a blog to your website and writing on it. To some, blogging is a mundane task that is so far out of the scope of "what's good for business" that you would never consider it but when you think of it as less of a diary and more of a business newsletter, it becomes quite a bit more apparent how useful a tool an onsite blog can be.

In the manufacturing industry, at face value to the layman, there's not much to read about and certainly not much to write about. It's a system of protocols, followed through by qualified staff, to build things and distribute them. Simple and it doesn't need explaining right? Well to some maybe it doesn't but there is definite readability there. By looking at associated terms and even by simply google news searching the term manufacturing you will find that there is a lot to talk about.


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This opens up a world of things to write about. Whether they are opinion pieces, whether they are the effects on the business on changes in the industry or whether they are their own news style, unbiased updates they are all valuable, relevant and fresh pieces of content.

If you find yourself in an industry that isn't exactly news worthy, you still must finds ways to produce fresh content. A good way would be to simply write about your day to day business activities. If you were a window cleaner for instance you would simply write about a project you did that caused someone happiness. It's not as exciting as big news reply but it is still fresh and it is still relevant and will still help.

Content marketing is something you can not avoid. If you aren't updating your website regularly you will begin to see your ranking slide and producing fresh content is clearly not as hard as you think.

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