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February 27, 2018

5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness in 2024

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Published: 27 February 2018 Updated June 2024

Brand awareness is increasingly important for your business and especially so for your Search Results in Google.

First, it generates a positive impression with people that your brand is popular even before they see your direct marketing.

Second, search engines give priority in search results to brands with strong brand “awareness” online, regardless of your SEO.

Third, brand awareness helps you stay engaged with your customers without over-selling to them.

Here are 5 unique ways to increase your brand awareness in 2024.

Host a Webinar


Webinars are a great way to promote your brand. If you’re a subject matter expert, many people will connect to a webinar for the free information while learning all about you as a subject matter expert.

Your customers, whether you sell books or services, will reconnect with you and be reminded of why they value your advice in the first place.

What if you don’t have a topic for a webinar? Look for key personalities in the industry and interview them in a webinar; put your banner prominently behind the interviewer or have the team wearing your branded clothing. Don’t forget the opportunity to cross-promote with professionals in the industry.

Referral Programs

Another way to build brand awareness is to incentivize word of mouth marketing by setting up a referral program. A painless way to do this is to offer your customers discounts if they get someone else to sign up via unique referral links.

Utility and phone service providers do this often, giving customers a 5% or 10% discount on their bills for every new customer they get to sign up.

Advertise your referral program to your existing customers by offering them discounts on their overall bill or significant discounts on their next order if someone else makes a large purchase. When you promote a referral program, it builds brand awareness with the public without actively selling your product or service – your customer will do that for you.

Give Incentives

Coupon codes are an amazing way to boost brand awareness. For example, social media posts with coupon codes will travel through freebie sites and coupon blogs to reach people who otherwise never would have heard of you. Consider including brand name hashtags and product mentions in the coupon code announcement.

For example, instead of saying “Get 10% at Company Name with coupon code 123”, share on social media “Company Code coupon 12310offBrand #companyname #brandhashtag”. Now your coupon codes will show up in searches on social media for company news and brand-related posts, as well as in bargain shopper discussion boards.

Do the same when announcing discounts on specific products. You can create a sense of urgency and widespread sharing with posts like “30% off product X by company Y through 31 January 2018”.


Infographics are an attractive brand promotion technique. First, they cannot be copied by content scrapers and put up elsewhere. Second, they’re too complex for someone else to summarize in a tweet to eliminate the need for others to read it. Third, they keep the viewers’ attention for a long time while being much more memorable than skimmed content. The key is to create infographics that answer a question or explain a complex topic while keeping the audience’s attention.


Contests are another way to tap into the natural excitement and buzz that comes from a sense of urgency and opportunity at the same time. You can give away company branded swag to generate engagement with your customers while they create great images they share on social media that promote your brand, all as part of a contest for the best-branded image.

Hold a contest asking for the most amazing use of your product with the reward being a free version of your latest product. Now you’ll see a wave of content and discussion about how people use your product, and you can claim the intellectual property rights to the submissions and publish it later as useful “how to” advice to your general audience.


All these methods will allow you to build awareness and gain more recognition. If you want to use the power of Brisbane SEO to increase visibility for your products and services, digital marketing experts like Matter Solutions can allow you to optimise your presentations and content, as well as integrate brand related search engine optimisation into your existing websites and social media profiles to boost your brand awareness.

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