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August 10, 2009

Event: Google Analytics Presentation

Published: 10 August 2009 

Ben Maden, the lead web consultant and founder of Brisbane Web Design company Matter Solutions, will be giving a presentation at the monthly Brisbane Web Design Meetup Group.....

Google Analytics: Measuring for results

What you measure, you can manage is the old management mantra....

What does this mean for your web sites? Ben Maden of Matter Solutions will provide you with a practical look at using Google Analytics for your business and your clients.

Quick overview of...

  • Getting an account (please do this before the talk if you can)
  • Setting Google Analytics up on your website
  • How Google Analytics works

In more detail, we'll cover...

  • Goal Tracking
  • Understanding key reports
  • Funnels (great for e-commerce)
  • Limitations

To RSVP for this FREE Brisbane Web Design networking event please visit

Free Brisbane Web Design Network

The Brisbane Web Design group holds meetings on the second Thursday almost every month and welcomes people of all skills levels and from various disciplines. We have...

  • Graphic Designers that want to learn about the web
  • Web Designers who want to learn more
  • Web Coders of all types, Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP etc.
  • Business People who operate online businesses

Events are free and there's a great email list where people can ask questions and share ideas

More information

The Slides - Google Analytics Presentation

Google Analytics: Measuring for results, a practical guide from Matter Solutions

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