Increase new customers booking Prenatal/ Antenatal/ Pregnancy/ Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes, alongside Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Courses through the booking system on the website.


Suzanne contacted Matter Solutions as YogaBaby had experienced a 25% drop in the past year of revenue from new bookings.

During a review of the account, it became clear that there was a range of keywords that were very similar across a number of AdGroups and were receiving high rates of Conversion for an extremely low Cost Per Conversion.u-line-lengthdefault

Broad Match

baby and yoga

Broad Match Modified

+yoga +baby

oneThe main problem with this high rate of Conversion was that these KeyWords were triggering when her current clients were searching for the YogaBaby timetable, location, etc, due to the space being deemed a “misspelling or close variant” by the AdWords system. This artificially inflated the Conversions, while simultaneously reducing opportunity for KeyWords like “pregnancy yoga”, “prenatal yoga” and “antenatal yoga” to show as the Budget was being spent on the Brand Name.u-line-lengthdefaultone

The Strategy

It was not as simple as putting in a Negative Phrase Match Keyword, however, that was to be the core of the strategy in the first 6 weeks. Initially, we restructured the Account so that it had four distinct Campaigns:

  1. The Pregnancy Yoga Teacher course
  2. The YogaBaby brand and trademark
  3. Yoga related keywords
  4. Pregnancy, Prenatal, Antenatal Classes related keywords

This allowed us to direct a majority of the Budget to the Yoga related keywords because those people were further into the “sales funnel”, they knew they were looking for yoga for pregnant women, and thus were more likely to convert.

Number 4 was a little higher in the funnel, in that people were looking for exercise for pregnant women, or how to handle the birthing process with minimal pain. At the time of searching on Google, they could have heard of yoga being an option but were also exploring others.

The Teacher and Brand Campaigns were created to be highly specific and therefore only needed a small Budget.u-line-lengthdefaultone

The Solution

The structure of these Campaigns made it easier to identify performing AdGroups, KeyWords, and more in the future, however, at around the four-week mark, Suzanne expressed concern that there wasn’t the lift in revenue that she was hoping for. We spoke on the phone and worked out that there was a couple of reasons for this:

  1. At the same time of employing Matter Solutions, in order to entice more sales, YogaBaby provided a special price for her clients.
  2. Matter Solutions’ strategy was still in development

In order to “turbo-charge” the Campaign, a little ahead of preferred schedule, however, in hindsight, the perfect time, we introduced the Phrase Match Negative Keywords:u-line-lengthdefault


“Yoga baby”

oneThis resulted in an immediate Conversion reduction in the Yoga Related Keywords Campaign, with the Cost Per Conversion doubling in the next fortnight. However, all of the Conversions in that time could be attributed to new clients, rather than current clients who clicked on the Ad because it was the first in the SERP.u-line-lengthdefaultone


Out of 27 Conversions, 11 were current clients looking for information, meaning 16 were potentially new sales. After employing the Negative Phrase Match Keyword, 28 Conversions were all potentially new sales.

Search Term Reports


11 Oct 2017 - 15 Nov 2017 (last 6 weeks)

5 Sep 2017 - 10 Oct 2017 (Prior 6 weeks)


This is a great result!

We are nearing the end of the Climb portion of the Launch-Climb-Cruise Package and Suzanne is very happy with the results.u-line-lengthdefault

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