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Uni-span is an Australian owned and operated formwork and scaffolding company with offices located nationwide. In order to reach and engage with more clients, the company needed a new website that would reflect the quality and innovation of their products and services. To drive even more traffic and conversions, Uni-span also hired our SEO and AdWords services.


The Story

Uni-Span came to us wanting a modern and up to date website that would stay current so they could keep the website well into the future.


The Process

The first stage of the design was to create wireframes to outline the structure and elements of each template. As it is a fairly large site with a variety of content types, we needed to create and define a number of templates. Once that was set, we skinned the design with images, typography and colour, making it all come to life.824

Geometric Elements

An essential style element on the Uni-span website is hexagons and arrows. We emphasised these geometric shapes because they reflect the lines and angles you would find in construction and scaffolding. We incorporated this into the hero unit on the homepage using SVG animations that activate when you first enter the site. These interactive elements immediately capture the visitor’s attention and accentuate the service areas that appear in the hero.blockquoteone

Technologies Used

We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.



Content Management System178


CSS Pre-processing177


Javascript Task Runner180

Advanced Custom Fields

Multiple Content Types for WordPress826

Adobe Photoshop

Professional Design Software827


Scalable Vector Graphicsone

Ask Wayne

Want to ask Wayne a question about his experience with our team, the impact on their business or something else that has piqued your interest? Ask him below:

  • Q: Would you recommend investing serious money into your website?
    A: Bill Gates said that in the near future "there will be two kinds of businesses, those with a great website and those with no business at all." In today's global, immediate economies, a serious website is a prerequisite to being treated seriously.
  • Q: Would you recommend Matter Solutions?
    A: We've used Matter Solutions for various digital strategies over the past few years and continue to do so. Their dedication to our objectives aligns the project outcomes and maintains focus on what's most important. Their focus on their client's client is what truly sets them apart.

If you have any questions please contact us now.


The Strategy


With the launch of the responsive website, our SEO experts had the task of implementing a strategy that would help drive more traffic to the website and increase online conversions from organic traffic.


We had a huge advantage when developing the SEO strategy for the new site because our own in-house web development team were responsible for building it. This meant we could build the vital SEO fundamentals into the website from the beginning.

Before the launch of the site we performed a full onsite audit including:

  • Keyword research.
  • Onsite optimisation – title tags, headings and meta descriptions.
  • Development of quality, on-page content to help improve user engagement and keyword targeting.

The onsite audit was vital to the success of the campaign. It allowed us to map out a structure that we used to develop high quality, targeted category and product pages, covering the full breadth of relevant keywords.

Following our initial onsite work, we began development of a long-term link building campaign that was focused on attracting high quality, targeted links to help improve the trust and authority of the site. This is a big factor in Google’s search algorithms, and would help boost search engine rankings. Our link building process involves a very thorough approach, which sees all campaigns developed and executed in house, with one goal in mind; quality over quantity.


  • 32.65%

    Organic traffic increase

  • 21.5%

    Improvement on conversion rates

  • 10%

    Drop in bounce rates

The Results

Our team has worked hard to develop a modern, attractive website that implements a quality SEO strategy, which we have continued to implement with the aim of improving month on month. The Uni-span website has achieved some fantastic results, which are continuing to improve each month.

Organic traffic has increased by 32.65% over the 3 months after launch, with overall traffic increasing by 26%.

Bounce rate has dropped by 10% for organic keywords over the 3 months after launch.

Online conversions have been improving month on month since launch. Last month (April 2015) improving by 21.5% compared to March 2015.


The Strategy

Our experience shows that with AdWords, quality score is king. Our strategy for Uni-Span’s adwords campaign has been to continually optimise their keywords, ad copy and landing pages to ensure that their quality scores were 7 out of 10 or higher. This means that the campaign is getting more valuable clicks, in higher positions on Google’s search results pages, without needing to spend more.

We work with the client to ensure that the ad campaigns are targeting not only the types of services that people are searching for, but the services that are valuable to the business. We noticed that a lot of searches were coming in for second hand scaffolding. There was no landing page for this on the site, so it wasn’t clear to customers if this was a service that Uni-span provided. We consulted with the client to see if this was a service they wanted to advertise, and if so, how integral it was to their business. Tarryn told us that yes, it was indeed a product they provided, but it wasn’t one of their key offerings. We started a new ad group targeting second hand scaffolding and added new content to the scaffolding product page to ensure that these keywords had a high quality score. This means that all of the ad groups are targeted more specifically to the right kind of customers.


Click through rate improvement

The Results

In the last 6 months, the click through rate for the Uni-Span AdWords campaign has improved from 1.58% to 3.72% – an 80.75% improvement. The average cost per click of the campaign has also dropped from $4.64 to $3.59 – a 25.73% improvement. By improving the targeting of the campaign and focusing on getting better quality scores, we have been able to increase the amount of engagement the campaigns get, as well as the quality of that engagement, which leads to more conversions and better results for the client.

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