Turf Green



Quality Artificial Turf.



Turf Green is an Australian business that delivers and installs artificial turf to homes, businesses, schools and public property across Brisbane.



After building a new website for Turf Green and improving their bounce rate, our goal was to increase their traffic.


Keyword research was completed and then integrated into the content to ensure the site was fully optimised. We focused on local keywords to ensure Turf were targeting the correct audience and diverting relevant traffic to their site. We also obtained a number of trusted, relevant backlinks to improve search engine trust and authority signals.


The new website we created improved user experience, resulting in a 30% drop in bounce rate (from 70+% to ~40%). The improved bounce rate from the new website combined with our SEO efforts was rewarded by Google with an increase in organic traffic. We saw traffic rise by 12x in only 4 months (from June to October 2014). Turf Green is currently ranking #1 for a wide span of their main local keywords.

  • #1

    ranking for selected keywords

  • +120%

    rise in traffic in only 4 months

  • 30%

    reduction in bounce rate

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