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A long-term and highly valued client of Matter Solutions, Overseas Packers & Shippers presented a dual challenge to the Google AdWords team.secondaryone

“We employed Matter Solutions for a number of Digital Services in order to gain more qualified leads for our International Removalist/ Shipping business. We spoke extensively with Sam and the team regarding our requirements for the leads and we began to notice a shift in the quality, not only were the number of leads increasing but the percentage of leads we could service also increased. We are very happy with the results coming from the AdWords account!”

Overseas Packers & Shippers


Lead Volume

Increase the volume of leads (with some more budget)

Lead Quality

Increase the quality of leads at the same time

oneWe’re aware that the “moving overseas” industry has many lead generators working for multiple providers those leads are low quality and our client wanted to take a step up and own more high-quality leads or themselves. The client’s services vary, but the AdWords Campaign’s focus was on gaining leads of people moving from Brisbane to the world.

Long ago we’d listened to the client and understood that these leads are the most valuable. Sure, they can help people moving from the UK to Brisbane but all the handling and the majority of the revenue goes to an agent on the ground in the UK so is less valuable (to them). Previous iterations of the AdWords Campaign had resulted in an increase in leads, which was great, but many of these leads were of mixed value. Google’s geo-targeting (based on IP addresses) in Australia is not as good as in the UK or the US so that means leads from Sydney and other Australian cities.

The client was happy but consistently asked us to address this quality issue in their leads. We listened and we found a solution (that matters lol).


Mid-2016 saw our head of Google AdWords, Sam Fields implement his “Core Theory” and the “80/20 Rule” strategy, except this time he limited the use of Broad Match Modified (BMM) Keywords, as these were part of the problem, bringing in leads from all over the world.Here is an example of the broad match modified keyword in the account:
+moving +from +Brisbane +toUnfortunately, this triggered for Search Terms like:
Moving from London to BrisbaneoneAn entirely Exact Match strategy wouldn’t work, either, as the Search Terms varied extensively. By making [moving from Brisbane to London] Exact Match, we’d miss out on the variations, of which there were a huge amount.

Sam saw an opportunity and separated the legacy Campaign into three distinct Campaigns. One was for the general terms targeted at Brisbane, such as international moversinternational removalists, etc. The second was general terms surrounding international shipping targeting the same location. These were relatively standard Campaigns, with the benefit of being able to control the budget, add in specific Negative Keywords, and monitor the quality of the leads through these particular Keywords/ Search Terms that represented different services within the company.

The real beauty of this strategy, though, came in the form of the Third Campaign, an entirely Phrase Match tactic that was borne of in-depth Search Term Report analysis. Keywords like “shipping to New Zealand from”, “moving from Brisbane to”, and more along those lines. This meant that the Campaign’s Location Targeting was able to be opened up to a larger area.

This allowed greater control over the Negative Keywords per AdGroup and meant that we reduced the ineffective Search Terms and were able to easily identify the performing (read: Converting and Quality Leads).

There was an initial period of re-adjustment in the first two months, as the lead volume dropped slightly. However, the quality of the leads increased which was expected, and forewarned, i.e. a worthy trade-off.


As this strategy took hold and we were able to spend the Budget on the KeyWords that were performing, while Negative Keyword work alongside the addition of Exact Match Search Terms meant we were able to eliminate non-performing KeyWords, we drastically reduced the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of the entire Account, by more than 50%!

For the same amount of money, they receive more than twice the leads, with significantly improved quality.

  • 109%

    increase in Conversions from the same period last year.

  • 56.8%

    reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

  • 11.74%

    reduction in AdWords Spend

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