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Network Steel & Aluminium has been with us for a long time. We’ve handled their SEO needs and also built them their previous website, years ago. When Network Steel & Aluminium needed an updated site that was mobile friendly and continued to represent their growing business we set about providing them with something modern, on brand, and which would fit their new needs.


The Story

Google updated their algorithms to place more importance on mobile friendliness. This hurt the rankings of a lot sites which had historically been desktop only and Network Steel wanted to make sure they weren’t one of them. The new design places great emphasis on working well no matter what device it’s accessed on. We designed the new site at a time when the brand was refreshed, providing a nice alignment for the redesign of the new site — apart from being mobile friendly the new site also shows off their new image.

We always want to work towards unifying our client’s brand presentation between both print/physical mediums and also the digital mediums so any client’s potential clients or customers perceive a comforting, unified brand no matter the medium of interaction.

Having a long working relationship with Network Steel & Aluminium made it a simple process to work closely with them during the site’s design process, and they were able to provide a lot of valuable input along the way towards its final look. This level of communication meant they got exactly what they needed the first time round, something we aim to do for all our clients be the new or old!

We were really happy with the final design and how the project came together from inception to completion. The new website has excellent functionality on the multitude of portable browsing devices available, and the new style is attractive, modern, professional, and brand aligned. With the new website launched the SEO campaigns we are running are not restricted by the old, dated website and are empowered to achieve even better results, but that’s another story!

Do you need help like Network Steel & Aluminium?

It took just a one phone call to work out how to help, and a follow-up meeting for us to present recommendations and get busy. 

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