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eVisas hired us to carry out a complete website design, build and branding project in time for an international business event. As an immigration business specialising in visa applications, they needed a clear and concise website that provides easy navigation for people with varying English skills.


The Story

eVisas had an outdated, non-responsive website. They came to us for a fresh new look that invited users to visit and browse through the website. Their main goal was for users to contact them for a free assessment – their first step towards getting a new client. Our deadline was an upcoming international business event where they planned to present their company.


Although the client already had branding, they planned on changing their name from Express Visas to eVisas and were looking for a fresh new colour. Our designers created the logo in cooperation with eVisas, presenting a range of ideas and adaptations. In the end we had a completely new logo that satisfied both our team and the client.



Primary Typeface

Lede Paragraph




Technologies Used

We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.



Content Management System178


CSS Pre-processing177


Javascript Task Runner180

Advanced Custom Fields

Multiple Content Types for WordPressone

The Website

In a creative session with the client, we looked at their old website and reviewed some of their competitors websites. This allowed us to achieve a better understanding of the services they offer and their expected goals of the website. After the meeting we identified two main goals:

  • Getting users to sign up for the free assessment
  • Driving users through to read about the different types of visas available.


Close cooperation with the client helped us meet their needs in an efficient way.

After developing the branding, we designed a style tile with all the base styles. This gave the client a sense of the visual direction we had planned for the website. From there we went on to design and develop the website. Since English is not the first language of many of the website visitors, we kept readability and clarity in mind at all times.


Our copywriters wrote the core pages for the website, including the services pages, Home page and About Us page. Due to the complexity of visas, the content needed to be clear while highlighting the benefits of hiring eVisas to assist with the process.




Brochure and Advertising

Since we established a good relationship with eVisas, they got in touch a short time later for more print work. They needed brochures and an advertisement at short notice to build brand recognition at a couple of upcoming events.

Our team took the challenge, translating the styles of the website into print collateral to unify the brand across the different channels.

Business Cards

At the beginning of the project the client did not request business cards, however once they saw the finished logo they asked us to design business cards for them too. We kept the branding uniform across digital and print, using the colours and style already defined in the

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