Brisbane Appliance Sales



The website needed to showcase their wide range of products and high quality of brands.


Technologies Used

We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.179


Content Management System177


Javascript Task Runner178


CSS Pre-processing180

Multiple Content Types for WordPress


The Result

The new design is clean and modern while remaining in line with the brand voice. It is easy for users to find more information about the brands Brisbane Appliance Sales offers, and their product range. The drop-down menu was removed, while each landing page includes more content and a bigger space dedicated to photographs of the products and brands for sale.

Being able to feature photographs of the products for sale is essential for any appliance store, so this was the aspect we were focused on. We were able to ensure the website was user-friendly, and customers are easily able to navigate to the products pages. Within each page, we were able to create a larger, dedicated space for photographs of the products.


We completed a complete refresh of the brand, including redesigning the logo for a more modern, prestigious feel to better match the quality of service and products that Brisbane Appliance Sales offer.

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