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Preparation for the IELTS 7 English Language Exam



Amec is a company providing training to people who are preparing for the IELTS 7 English language exam. The exam is a very popular qualification that is needed by many people looking for work in Australia for whom English is not their first language. This is to prove to their prospective employers or universities that they have the right level of English skills to participate fully in their job or program.



Amec are competing with a lot of different types of exam preparation opportunities that are available online. They needed to differentiate themselves from the masses by showing that they were different. They needed to get their product in front of people who were looking to participate in face to face preparation- who had the right intention for their product. They had done some AdWords campaigns in the past, but they were looking for a complete overhaul of their previous efforts.


With IELTS 7 preparation, many people are just looking for free sample tests online. Others are researching for whether IELTS 7 is the right qualification for them, or when and where they can take a test. This meant that our AdWords campaign had to be very focused on intention of keywords to ensure success.

When setting up new AdWords campaigns it’s pertinent to set up some A/B testing mechanisms, because each product or service can have very different ways that people look for it online, and sometimes the best ways of finding this out is by small experimentation's. So for this, while we were always geographically targeting Brisbane, we created different ad groups that either targeted ‘Brisbane’ keywords versus ad groups that just target the intention without the location included in the search.

Building the campaign from scratch

In collaboration with the business owner, we were able to conduct a fully comprehensive research session of the company’s key words they wanted to target that would ensure that we were focusing on customers with the right intentions.

By separating the ad groups out into the different types of IETLS tests, we can capture the attention of people who are specifically seeking out that type of preparation. We have also included AdGroups of people who are looking for tutoring or preparation help, but have dynamically whittled down people who are looking for practice tests online or ways to book in their exam. We can do this by keeping a list of negative keywords, which deliberately exclude keywords with the wrong intentions.


increase in the click through rate

Continued monitoring

AdWords campaigns have to be monitored and adjusted dynamically. We react to the results from our A/B testing, to ensure that we are getting the most out of these experiments. We regularly monitor and adjust the key words, and the bids to take advantage of strong quality scores, and re-evaluate ads when they aren’t performing the way we expect them to. We use conversion tracking to see what actually secures leads, and then use that data as the guiding principles of our strategy.

Since implementation, we have seen nearly a 200% increase in the click through rate of the ads for Amec.

Do you need help like AMEC?

It took just a one phone call to work out how to help, and a follow-up meeting for us to present recommendations and get busy. 

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