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Get the most from your WordPress Website

WordPress has been the main Content Management System (CMS) we've used since 2008.

WP - Just for blogging?

At that the time WordPress 2.7 was considered to be "just for blogs" but it was clearly a very good option for building regular business websites, with particular configuration options that turned it from primarily blogging to handling pages in a hierarchy.

Custom WordPress coding

Right from the start clients wanted custom WordPress functionality and with years of experience in PHP Ben (our founder) began customising websites and learning what now is called the WordPress way. This WordPress Way means that websites can be customised and the code added so that it doesn't prevent the core, and other plugins from being upgraded and improved over time. It is also referred to as being "pluggable", this is a clear feature that distinguishes a novice from an expert in terms of WordPress coding... and the big warning sign comes if your web designer tells you NOT to update a plugin, or core!

WordPress & SEO

As far back as 2008 Ben wrote blog posts about WordPress SEO, based on Technical SEO principals that we still use today (in 2024).


Our primary business services revolve around WordPress


Below are blog posts about WordPress Design, WordPress Custom Development and WordPress SEO.

Articles about WordPress

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