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WordPress has been the primary website CMS since 2008.

At the time WordPress 2.7 was considered to be "just for blogs" but it was clearly a very good option for building regular business websites, with particular configuration options that turned it from primarily blogging to handling pages in a hierarchy. Right from the start clients wanted custom functionality and with years of experience in PHP Ben (our founder) began customising websites and learning what is called "the WordPress way". This WordPress Way means that websites can be customised and the code added doesn't prevent the core, and other plugins from being upgraded and improved over time. It is also referred to as being "pluggable", a feature that distinguishes a novice from an expert in terms of WordPress coding.

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Articles about WordPress

November 25, 2010
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Here is a simple SQL statement to run on a WordPress database to move it from one domain name to another /* // Simply change the 2 variables below. // If […]

September 16, 2010
WordPress SEO tweak

One little update to my WordPress SEO blog post way back in November 2009 is that you should update the settings in your blog to automatically notify Google's blog search when […]

November 14, 2009
WordPress SEO Checklist

A friend of mine, @ccburns on Twitter, is going travelling around Asia. He leaves very soon and will be doing some very exicited stuff on his journey for months and months […]

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