July 7, 2017

The 10 Biggest Web Designing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Published: 7 July 2017 

You know how people say that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression? This sentiment is also true for web designing. Website visitors can very quickly decide whether or not to stay on your website. Thus, as much as possible, you want to make sure that their first impression on your website is positive. We’ve outlined the 10 biggest web designing mistakes and how you can easily avoid making them.

1. No Mobile Version

A customer’s impression of a website will highly depend on how it looks like from their smartphones or handheld devices. Nowadays, people rely on their handy devices to browse the web for the reason that it is convenient. This web designing mistake can be easily avoided by considering a responsive web design to give your visitors a mobile-friendly experience.

2. Inconsistent Interface Design

Some designers take web designing to another level by their excessive creativity. They create different designs for every web page within a website. This is confusing to the users. The overall look and feel of a website must be consistent. Use a standard consistent layout for every web page. Be consistent with fonts, colors, and images. Your website must have a seamless flow when going from one page to another.

3. Flashy than Helpful

On the same note as having a consistent interface, you also have to avoid being too flashy. You want your website to look appealing and professional but don’t make the mistake of going overboard with your animation, graphics, images, and colors. Avoid making this website designing mistake by putting a balance between the website form and function.

4. Poor Readability and Legibility

This simple element of web designing is very crucial. Your visitors have to read your content and find the information they need. Some websites use strange font styles, colors, and inappropriate sizes that make reading a stressful task. The right color scheme and font will improve your website’s readability.

5. Static rather than Dynamic

Static websites are no longer relevant nowadays. They’re too basic, plain, and boring. There’s not much for users to get excited about. A static website’s content is also not shareable; thus, it doesn’t go far. Today, websites integrate content, social media, and blogging. This creates an interactive and positive user experience. This is why building a dynamic website is crucial.

6. Non-optimized Website

Website optimization refers to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO makes a website as functional as possible in order to get the most traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When a website is optimized, it’ll show up higher in search results.

7. Missing Search Box

A website is an archive of information. Whether your site is company website or simply a blog, a search box is important. Your visitor might be looking for some information that is hidden within your website. With the search box, your visitors will easily find what they’re looking for.

8. Missing Contact Info

Some website owners don’t display their contact number in the header and footer of their website. If you’re using your website for business, your customers will need to get in touch with you. So, make sure your direct contact number and email can be easily found on your website header, footer, or on a dedicated contact page.

9. No Call to Action

Some website owners easily let go of their visitors without a call to action. Also known as CTA, a call to action will get your site visitors to the next step. Present a strong call to action to drive your users down the path of getting started, signing up, or even purchasing.

10. Complicated Registration Form

Users don’t really like filling out a long registration form. So, forms should be as simple as possible. You might want to try a tiered approach in web designing by presenting questions in sequences instead of presenting them all at once.

Author bio: Jessa Camacho is part of the Marketing team of Convertbetter and she has a good grasp of all the essentials of building and promoting a website. Her skills and knowledge in her field makes her prominent in the company.

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