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August 9, 2012

What's the best way to migrate a WordPress website?

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Published: 9 August 2012 

If you've got a WordPress website (or any website for that matter!), chances are you're going to need to move it at some point - whether you're moving from development to a live environment or simply switching hosts - It can often be tedious at best, or at worst, pretty complicated. In the past I've found myself backing up theme folders, exporting sql databases and even copying and pasting content from one version to the other. All that, while hopping between CPanels and WordPress dashboards means it's rarely a fun experience.

A great premium plugin that puts an end to all of this is Backup Buddy. Backup Buddy does most of the hard work, one click of a button allows you to take a backup of your entire WordPress installation, including images, themes and your entire database. Everything is zipped up into a single file ready to be uploaded to your new server - once there, you've just got to run the import script (also available with a single click in BB) and you're done! A whole WordPress installation can be backed up and moved in a matter of minutes.

Another great feature of BB is its ability to automatically take scheduled backups of your site and store them in a remote location. For example: You could schedule BB to take a backup of your database (or your entire WP installation) every month, week, day or even hour and then have it emailed to you or stored on another server if you prefer. In any case, it's great practice to take regular backups and Backup Buddy makes that process incredibly easy.

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