January 10, 2012

Making Gravity Forms process a custom form in 3 easy steps

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Published: 10 January 2012 

A problem I have found in the past is being able to code my own web form just the way I want it, whilst still allowing the powerful Gravity Forms plugin to do all the hard work behind the scenes. So after building a smooth jQuery based web form, I thought I’d try and make Gravity Forms process it to see how hard it could be. Here's how I did it…

    1. Using Gravity Forms, I created a copy of my custom form by creating a plain form that has the same fields.
    2. Next, I changed all of the ‘name’ values on my inputs to match the ones Gravity Forms generates. (Preview the form to find out what these are)
    3. Then I added these three lines of code into the PHP file that processes my form:
$form_id = 1;
require_once(GFCommon::get_base_path() . "/form_display.php");

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