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July 31, 2012

Hard Drive Fried by Storm

Published: 31 July 2012 

Last week, while I was in the US at Mozcon, a conference for SEO Professionals from around the World.

When I got back (yes to the office) from Brisbane Airport at 9am Monday morning in the midst of the greetings and questions about Seattle and stories of networking with the greatest Inbound Marketers in the World, the sound of a defective server hit me like an assault on the ears.

Our web development server sounded like Roger Mozbot (of SEOmoz) was having a baby.


CRIKEY! (or words to that effect) ... I said.

The hard drive made all the usual sounds... clicking, whining in a screeching horrible way... not very load but very annoying.

The team explained it'd been bad ever since Friday afternoon when we had a power outage because of a big electrical storm in Redcliffe and North Brisbane.

The server was pretty well built (though ages ago) and has capacity to cope with a failed drive so we stuck to the plan and I spent Monday working through the week past with the team.

  1. Me getting back up to speed with projects and enquiries and
  2. The team listening to my rendition of the presentations I'd seen, I even had a go at doing an impression of Rand Fishkin doing his impression of Homer Simpson.


I wanted to spend some time on it before I shut it down and so Roger Mozbot remained in labour in the main office and even drove Eddie from his desk because of all the whining.

A robot baby?

After a week away Tuesday was pretty much booked out too but I managed to find time to extract the noisy brat and the server is back to normal.... though I need to get a new drive for the RAID array.


I'm now on the hunt out for the best place to find a replacement drive for our RAID array and perhaps even a specialist to come and rebuild my RAID array.

Do you know anyone? Please leave a comment with where/who you'd recommend...


Ben Maden

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One comment on “Hard Drive Fried by Storm”

  1. Thanks for the recommendations I got. I actually didn't need an IT support professional. I ended up just buying a replacement drive from in Milton and had a go at rebuilding the RAID array myself.

    It was a success 🙂

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