June 12, 2017

10 Best Website Builder Platforms for E-commerce in 2017

Published: 12 June 2017 

The growth of e-commerce has brought about a drastic change in the way we conduct business today. It is a known fact that more than half the population spends the majority of its time online. As a result, commercial undertakings are also switching over to the virtual platform, giving their business the much-needed boost and global exposure.

E-retail websites and web stores are cropping up almost every day; in such intense competition, it is only natural that you would want your website to gather the maximum traffic and earning opportunities. Thanks to website building tools you can now create your own e-commerce platform without having to deal with complex coding or other technicalities of web designing.

Top 10 website builders of 2017 that would enhance the productivity and performance of your e-commerce store:


1. Shopify


 Shopify tops our list being one of the most trusted and profitable of website builders in the market today. The company is known for its innovative e-commerce solutions and has hosted quite a lot of world-renowned brands and platforms. The amazing responsive storefront designs, support for all known major payment merchants, and free hosting are just a few of the benefit that makes Shopify a leading store builder. Users can choose over a hundred templates and graphics that can be applied to your website without any of the complicated HTML/CSS coding. The fully featured CMS leverages industry leading WYSIWYG editor and is a delight to work on.

2.Big Commerce


Big Commerce is a website builder that was specially designed to help inexperienced entrepreneurs boost the scope and scale of their business online. It is a smart choice for users who want to associate their brand with big names such as eBay and Amazon. Avail the benefits of free web hosting, create customised shopping cart designs, prepare your own catalogs or set up a secure payment system, you can do it all here. Moreover, BigCommerce comes with a mobile app compatible with Android and IOS devices, enabling you to generate more traffic and channelize it effectively. The built-in marketing tools such as coupons, newsletters, social media integration, and SEO tools further increase the performance of your site.

3. Wix

Wix offers stunning web-store themes and an editor that helps users customize their websites and web stores without any technical challenges. The clean, well-organised interface has all the necessary features required for web development. Moreover, the responsive, interactive and intuitive framework of the platform makes it easier for amateurs to understand the intricacies of e-commerce. From creating your own URLs to getting free web hosting and domain suggestions, Wix is the epitome of user-friendliness and efficiency. SEO tools, unique widgets, and social media integration further boost your chances of success. The App Market feature has a wide list of themes and graphics to choose from, even the ADI or Artificial Intelligence Design simplifies your job by managing all your projects.

4. Volusion


Volusion is a multipurpose website builder where entrepreneurs can build professional e-commerce stores and sites selling just about anything. The customisable store builder offers users to create websites and shopping carts and even have free web hosting. Other services such as in-house designing, add-ons and plug-ins, SEO tools, premium quality templates and PPC solutions enhance the appeal and productivity of your web store. The SSL certifications, encryptions and flexible analytics help establish a responsive and reliable payment portal for customers. The support team is very interactive and helpful- you can contact them via emails, phone or integrated live chat option.

5. Pinnaclecart


Pinnaclecart is perhaps the most flexible and responsive of website builders. It is armed with top notch features that will help you build a professional e-commerce store with free web hosting, SEO tools, and CRM solutions. The responsive, intuitive platform comes with a drag and drop option that allows easy customisation without any of the complicated coding. The social marketing features, reliable payment system, various encryptions, SSL certifications, cloud-based storage and CRM tools make your Pinnaclecart website scalable and appealing. Moreover, Pinnacle also protects your website from online threats, virus infestations and hackers securing the data you upload over the network.

6. Squarespace


Squarespace is a website builder specially made for entrepreneurs who like experimenting and exploring marketing tools on their web store. All the elements that you’d require for web designing are available at one platform helping you build your website from scratch. You don’t have to switch tabs anymore or install separate extensions for availing the editing tools. The admin panel works on the point and click design helping users build quick and effective layouts without any complex coding. Also, SEO tools, inbuilt Google analytics, and marketing solutions enhance the visibility of your website on the virtual platform.

7. SparkPay


SparkPay is one of the best e-commerce builders in the US and offers free hosting, trustworthy cart creation feature that generates maximum traffic and converts them to leads. Product and Merchandising, Marketing & SEO, Drive Conversions, Social Engagement, Manage Your Store, Apps and Integration, Security and Platform etc. are among the few designing tools offered here. At SparkPay, you can run multiple stores and integrate them with your social media accounts for better growth opportunities.

8. Web


Considered to be among the most comprehensive website builders today, Web combines the best of everything you’d possibly need for your e-commerce store. From applying professional designs to setting up local Google Local, and creating monthly marketing reports on the SEO rating and CRM of the content, Web does it all. With Web, you can set up reliable payment acceptance mechanisms that are aligned to all the major payment merchants around the world. With easy registration process, quick and secure transfers and flat-rate pricing, you can further enhance your store’s credibility. SSL certification, free hosting, and social media marketing tools are additional benefits you get here. Moreover, the online library of video tutorials and blogs is a goldmine of information for beginners.

9. CoreCommerce

CoreCommerce, a giant in the field of e-commerce web development is a company best suited for growing enterprises. The company is known for supporting email and social media marketing campaigns as well. The simple, comprehensive and user-friendly platform, CoreCommerce is armed with quick setup and profusion of features that will help you maximise your profits and productivity instantly. Secured, free hosting, customised designs, seamless product creation and management, flexible shipping and reliable payment mechanisms are some other features that entrepreneurs using CoreCommerce can enjoy.

10. X-Cart


Last but not the least, X-Cart is a PHP based website builder that offers entrepreneurs free shopping cart software and solutions for top-notch e-stores. It enhances the overall look and feel of your website thereby boosting the visibility of your content tenfold. The extensive range of professional templates, vibrant themes, and extra graphics further help you beautify your store. The drag and drop interface and responsive design of the platform require no coding or other technical expertise. X-Cart is an open-source platform that gives you full control over all aspects of your store. Cost-efficient, robust, interactive and intuitive, the platform is perfect for both budding firms and established organisations.


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