Google tools useful to both businesses and normal users.

Difficulty: Beginner

If you’re anything like us at Matter Solutions, you appreciate tools and platforms that are simple but ultimately, work well.

Thankfully for all of us, Google does offer some valuable and useful tools that are free (mostly) and enable you to run most the aspects of your business or even life.

The everyday tools

The everyday Google tools are fairly obvious and unquestionably useful.

G Suite

Google suite is a collection of tools centered around business and more than anything; productivity.

The lesser known

Google has an extensive range of products, so there are bound to be a few that fall by the wayside.


Overall Google has a number of very valuable products for users, with a full list of the products available here.

The takeaway from this list is that productivity and simplicity seem to be at the forefront of Google's thought process when designing the tools for users and especially businesses owner. Matter Solutions shares these views of productivity and simplicity, something we pride ourselves on whether it be our SEO or use of Google products.


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