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The Best Online Digital Marketing Training Courses

Free/Low Cost Digital Marketing Training Courses Google Digital Garage Great for: Small business owners Aspiring freelance consultants University Students/Graduates Google Digital Garage is a platform that offers free tutorials from […]

How to write an engaging blog post

It is VERY difficult to do. There have been a number of different programs developed that aim to serve the purpose of making blogs more engaging, like Yoast. Whilst Yoast is […]

Questions for Agency Google Ads Managers, Get To Know Your Clients Better

Your client has come to you for expert advice on Google Ads/PPC. Many people forget one of the early steps, possibly because it is not Google Ads specific. This is that […]

The Must Have Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Efficiency

Want to be more productive? Like most things these days, there's an app for that, specifically Google Chrome has apps for that. These are the best Chrome Browser Extensions that we […]

SEO vs PPC - Which One Is Right For You?

Not sure whether your business should be focusing more of your efforts into SEO or PPC? It’s not quite as easy as asking which one is better than the other. Which […]

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

It happens to every business. Eventually, someone will be displeased with your product or service, and leave a negative online review. It can be disappointing when this happens, and it’s easy […]