December 29, 2017

SEO YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

Published: 29 December 2017 

Some SEO experts have turned to the video platform YouTube to bring the latest tips and advice on how to improve your SEO efforts. Here are some of Matter Solutions’ favourites that we think you should subscribe to today.

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Brian Dean – Backlinko with Brian Dean is made for professional marketers to show them how to drive more to traffic to websites and get higher rankings. The videos are fairly short and to the point. His instructions are easy to follow too!

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Charles Floate – Charles Floate’s SEO channel really goes into the depths of SEO. If you’re a beginner, start with his SEO for 2016 video. You can also find the topic you are looking for easily if you just need to focus on something specific.

Google Webmasters - Google Webmasters gives invaluable step-by-step advice with real-life examples that make it easy for SEO beginners to understand. This channel also gives insight into the search engine algorithms and what they are doing to help you better understand the process.

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Chase Reiner SEO – Chase Reiner SEO is dedicated to bringing you a complete guide to the most updated SEO solutions out there including on and off-page SEO, social media marketing, the latest SEO tools and automation techniques. Some topics come in several parts so make sure you dedicate some time to learning with Chase Reiner.

Neil Patel – This channel adds videos every day on digital marketing with the aim to teach one new thing each day with videos that are only a few minutes long. This channel is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to watch full videos but can get something delivered every day to spend a few minutes on. The tips and hacks are aimed at getting your business seen quickly.

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Josh Bachynski – If you’re looking for full SEO courses, Josh Bachynski has got it. After one video you will have the skills and knowledge to apply to your page to start seeing a boost in rankings.

Superstar SEO – Superstar SEO says you will see results after following their easy SEO tips and tricks. They go over the common mistakes people make and how to correct it as well. The 30 videos in 30 days challenge is a great way to become an expert in your own SEO by the end of the month!

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Moz – With several videos on how to fix SEO, Moz is great for helping when there may be something that is giving you trouble. Everything from finding on-site errors with crawl tests to building link profiles are covered here.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs will show you how to do an SEO audit and tips on how to fix mistakes. The advice is simple (or even “oversimplified” as they describe it) making it easy to understand and implement into your own page.

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WsCube Tech – There are a plethora of topics on all things SEO on WsCube Tech’s YouTube channel. Learn all about important SEM terms that you may not even be familiar with yet before moving onto keyword research and analysis. There is a short video great for beginners to help you get started as well as several other videos on any topic related to SEO imaginable.

SEO can be tricky, but Matter Solutions are here to help. If you rather leave your SEO to the experts, we’ll be there to help push your page up in the search engine rankings, putting your website in front of those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Call us today to speak to a member of our team on how to get started.

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