May 29, 2012

17 Tips to Promote Videos on YouTube

Published: 29 May 2012 

If you are planning to promote or sell your product online, there is nothing better than a famous video attracting high quality traffic that ultimately converts to sales. However, it’s not an easy thing to do with millions of videos uploaded on YouTube every year. There is no formula to creating a viral video. Anything unique, funny, rare or exciting can become viral.  However, there are few things that we can do to get high traffic. Below are some of the tips to increase your video views on YouTube.

  1. Quality is of course the number one factor. A quality video sells itself. People appreciate a quality video by liking, commenting and top of all subscribing which is your ultimate target to keep the visitors in loop.
  2. If you don’t have a ready product to sell and trying to find ideas then look for something that gives value to your viewers like teach them something new or something in demand, work on your strengths, see what’s the best thing about you which others don’t have and try to make tutorials for them. Instead of making videos on different topics, make sure you maintain a theme in your videos rather than making a jumbled mixture of videos. Maintaining a theme in your videos will get you more subscribers.
  3. Many people think of YouTube as just a video site where they can watch a video, like and comment. But YouTube is also a social networking site just like facebook where we can add friends and send messages. So if you want to promote your company videos, make at least couple of profile (video channels) on YouTube and start building friends network for those profiles.
  4. Take care of few things while making network of friends. Using your keywords, search for the videos similar to yours on YouTube. Checkout different YouTube users in the comments section. Add them in your friend’s network. This will increase your number of friends. Remember these people are your target market. For example, if you sell gaming DVDs online then search for people who watch or comment on famous gaming videos and add them as friend. This way, you are building your customer base.
  5. Now every time you upload a video you can send your video to your friends (you can send one video to multiple friends at the same time on YouTube). This will be like email marketing where you are promoting your product. Your friends might also become your subscribers!
  6. Each video should have the ability to sell. Add quality to your videos by using high graphics software to edit the videos. Google them or hire a video editing professional if you can! Use creative and hot selling video titles by using the words that catches the eye like ‘How To..’ , ‘Exclusive..’  and use the highly searched keywords in your tags options in the settings. Use the YouTube keyword tool to search for high search volume keywords.
  7.  If you have more than one video, then connect each video of your channel to another similar video in your channel so that once the user clicks on your video, they are taken to another video of yours and so on. YouTube provides many editing options to do so. This will get you more views, and make people spend more time on your channel and if they like it they might end up subscribing to your channel.
  8. Go to browse and open the list of top 25 most watched video today’s list. Look or videos which allow video response. These are the videos which attract a lot of traffic. If you put your video in video response then some of them can click on your videos too. It works in most of the cases!
  9. Also, just like in forums try to comment on these famous videos, put some value to your comments so people believe you and tell them to visit your channel by saying things like- “If you want to know more about it, visit my channel..” or “ Checkout more about it in my channel”, or “You can find some great DVDs sold really cheap on my channel”. This works too in sending the traffic to your videos!  But try not to spam the comments too much else video owner can ban you from his account forever. Also, make sure you are commenting in the video somewhere related to your target market. There is no use getting traffic which is not interested in your videos at all.
  10. Us the Video insights (Analytic tool given by YouTube to every account holder). Using this tool you can analyse what’s working and what’s not. Use this tool to see which video is sending the most traffic to your video. You can out your most valuable video in the video response sections of that video to get traffic.
  11. Make sure you get subscribers. Try to focus of your videos with a call of action like “Subscribe us to watch more videos..”, “Subscribe our channel to get latest offers” and so on. Once you get more subscriber, YouTube’s trust will increase in your channel.
  12. Make sure you connect your video channel to other social networking sites like facebook, twitter and more. Further, post the videos on these SNSs and get traffic from there. Same way, you should send the traffic from videos to your fb page too and tell them to like your facebook page. This way you can use social media to multiply the traffic!
  13. Embed your video on your website or your blog site. YouTube gives an embedding code below the videos which you can copy and paste to your site. This way people visiting your site will end up watching your video too. Further they might goto your channel and subscribe if they like it. This will also increase time spent by visitor on your site which is also a quality factor to rank your site well in Google. So this will give you multiple benefits.
  14. Embed your products video in your email signature. Let clients in your email address list about your videos every time they see your email.
  15. Become YouTube Partner! Becoming YouTube’s partner is like working for YouTube. Because once you become YouTube partner, then YouTube starts showing ads on your channel (in 5 different formats) and once visitors click on these ads, YouTube pays you money for each click and they are pretty generous with this. For ex: you get $2 for each click on the ads shown next to your videos. Some YouTube celebrities like Ray William Johnson or Shane Dawson is earning almost 100,000 an year from YouTube partner program!
  16. Though, it’s not easy to become YouTube partner. You need to have lot of views, people liking your videos and commenting on it, huge list of subscribers and other quality factors matters to become YouTube partner.
  17. But you don’t have to be YouTube partner to earn money through YouTube. If you have a product to sell, use the above mentioned tactics to get some quality traffic and chances are that this quality traffic might convert into a sale!
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  1. Some good tips here. Creativity is king for the intitial hits on youtube but don't create something that you can't keep consistent. People develop expectations of you and your brand and one bad video can cost you dearly.

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