March 26, 2013

Wins At Matter

Published: 26 March 2013 

Here at Matter Solutions, we strive to excel in the SEO environment to not only achieve the best but also sustainable results for our clients. In the past months, we have achieved some great results and which can be attributed to some really great on site optimization as well we quality link building.

Client X

We have a client who works in the marketing industry as a consultant. After the algorithms last year, it has been an uphill battle to get them ranking even on the first page. I had recently outreached  to a very highly ranked site, PR5, who had accepted my proposal and invited me to post some content on their site. Thankfully, the client provided us with some really notable content which was posted live. What made this link even stronger was that my client received a profile page which contained their details, which builds strength due to co-citation as well as a followed link. Their post was then shared 17 times across a range of social networks. This amongst a couple of other links as well as onsite optimisation were added in the past month. Only last week was I looking at their rankings and for their priority key term, I found them on Page 4. Yesterday, we looked into their rankings, and as you can see, the results have dramatically increased.

Only a month ago, they ranked number 33 for this search term. Today, they are ranked at 10 and on the first page. It just shows what doing some quality link building and onsite changes can do, even though the results may not be instant, is worth it at the end of the day.

Update: 6th September, 2013 - Our client now ranks number 1 for most of their key phrases. Woot.


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