July 22, 2015

SEO Training Will Stop You Getting Ripped Off

Published: 22 July 2015 

It might seem strange that a company like Matter Solutions who offer SEO services are also offering SEO training. If we’re training people how to do SEO, aren’t we potentially doing ourselves out of a job? Well, we firmly believe that knowledge beats ignorance. If you know how to do SEO properly, the internet will be one step closer to being a better place for all businesses. We want to help empower businesses to help themselves succeed, and if you’re a business that is interested in SEO, it’s better for us and SEO companies everywhere that you are informed about what it is that we do and how we do it well.

Used Car Salesmen

Let’s be honest- there are a lot of dodgy SEO practitioners out there. Not only are they making the internet a worse place by cluttering it up with useless content and orphan web properties, they’re also performing black hat optimisation on their clients which is resulting in poor results, or more likely penalties. If your business gets hit with a Google penalty because your SEO company has done some dodgy keyword stuffing or built you a load of really bad links, the site may never recover. Without SEO training, you won’t know how to spot these unethical and ineffective techniques, and unfortunately good guys like us might never be able to help your site fully recover. Even if your SEO is working well, but you just think they’re annoying, learning how to do SEO will help you understand why they’re annoying.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Google has a funny way of changing the goal posts just when everyone has gotten nice and comfortable. The factors that get your business ranking in Google’s search engine results are top secret, although there is a whole industry built around figuring out what these factors are. Even if your competitors know a bit about SEO, you want to keep up to date with the most recent developments in the industry. Your rivals might not know about Google’s Pigeon expansion, but if you did, you’d certainly have an advantage!

Buyer's Remorse

We’ve all experienced regret when we’ve bought something and we realise that the cost outweighs the value it’s brought to us. Sometimes people can feel this way if they’ve paid for their first month of an SEO contract and they still aren’t ranking on Google, you’ll feel like you’ve been cheated out of your money. All good SEO people know that anyone who says they can get you ranking in a couple of weeks is full of horse shoes. If you learn a bit about SEO, you’re going to understand why it’s better to take your time, that you won’t get results overnight, and that while it won’t happen overnight, great optimisation that is approached from all angles will have value that will last a long, long time. You’re never going to regret spending money on a service that you can see has helped your business grow and given you tremendous value.

What’s Your Problem?

If your website isn’t ranking or you aren’t getting the kind of conversions you need, SEO might be your problem, but there could be something else afoot. A better understanding the factors that contribute to SEO will not only help you identify those weaknesses of your site, but also the areas where you’re doing really well. If after you’ve done some SEO training, you see that you’ve got a healthy link profile, you’re frequently updating unique, engaging content and you aren’t stuffing your pages full of keywords, that will indicate that maybe the ball has been dropped elsewhere. There could be a problem with the code on your site, or the pathway to conversion might be too difficult for your customers. You might decide after you do your training that in terms of SEO your company is fine, but you desperately need the help of some web developers.

A previous attendee to our SEO course discovered during their training session that after renaming their domain, they had redirected their old, extremely strong domain name incorrectly. After fixing this problem, they were able to recover within days what would have been equivalent of $20k worth of SEO effort.

The More the Merrier

A lot of people who take our SEO training courses are marketing managers and digital marketing managers for small- to medium-sized businesses. Believe it or not, there is a skills shortage of people who are experienced marketers and who also have a good knowledge of how SEO works and why it’s important. If you take some SEO training, you’re not only going to make yourself an even more valuable asset to a company, you’re also going to be helping out our industry by creating a bigger community of people who know what they’re doing and love finding creative SEO solutions. SEO practitioners can specialise in technical SEO, content marketing, analysis, you name it! Who knows, maybe if SEO really takes your fancy, you could be working for us one day.

If you train with Matter Solutions, one day you might want us to do the hard work for you. We’re interested in having informed, switched on clients, who know the limitations of SEO, as well as how powerful safe SEO can be for your business. We run regular WordPress training days, and can even run bespoke training sessions in your work place. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

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