March 12, 2013

Outreach Methods For Results

Published: 12 March 2013 

Outreach has become the latest strategy for link building for us SEO's. Since the doom and gloom of the Google algorithms and the potential of future threats, we need to focus on doing great and honest work which Outreach can provide. The challenges of Outreach is that it's complex because essentially, we're building relationships with other people, and it can be very time consuming. With this in mind, it is key to maximize every opportunity that is presented.

The most common practice for outreach is emailing Webmasters to guest blog on their site. Believe it or not, but there are strategic formulas to outreach emails in order to achieve the best results rather than have an ongoing feed of rejections. Everyone has their own kind of style, but I have used a few methods which have seen some really great result.

Honesty/ Transparency

There is no reason to lie. Whether it be who you are, the fact that you're an SEO, it really doesn't matter because guaranteed the Webmaster you're contacting has seen it all before. A major barrier that the internet provides is a lack of trust and if you are honest, say that you're working on behalf of your client, it enables a certain level of trust to be built.


Who doesn't love to be complimented? Webmaster's are people too. Tell them something that you like about their site. By doing this, you achieve two things; it shows that you aren't just spamming out email templates but have taken the time to look through their site, pick something you like and make a comment on it and it also makes them feel pretty awesome about themselves.

Make it Personal

This goes hand in hand with the compliment. If you like a particular article, try to relate to it from a personal view. Granted, this can be difficult depending on an individuals experiences and knowledge, but when you do, it makes you seem like a living, breathing person.

Take it to the Next Level

Don't feel restricted to just emailing them. If you can find the Web Master's name and email address, look them up and contact them on social mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This makes your connection more personal and shows that you have gone to the extra effort (even though it may seem a littler stalker-ish) to get in contact with them. Another big step is asking them to participate in Skype sessions. It's easy to reject an email, but not so easy too over an actual live chat.

These are just some methods that I have used which have provided some pretty great results. Something that we all need to remember about outreach is that we are building relationships with real people. It's not like the old days where it was easy and automated- it now takes time, patience and lot of effort but is worth it because it provides quality results.

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