March 1, 2016

Fundamental Google Change In Name Search

Published: 1 March 2016 

At the Matter Solutions lab, we have discovered what appears to be a fundamental shift when it comes to searching a person's name on Google.

We believe that as a result of the change in Google, that corresponded in timing with the recent major AdWords development of removing the ads on the right hand side,  a number of negative links have been either removed or pushed down in search results in relation to people's full names.

An example would be searching, Matt Steinwede, a current highly successful real estate agent who also was once listed as the number #1 most wanted man in Australia through the popular TV show: Australia's Most Wanted. Before this apparent change, if you searched his name in Google, he was associated with links from the TV show on the home page of Google. However, considering this was over 10 years ago, it now only displays the most recent and relevant information regarding his name.

Mat Steinwede Name Search

Links associated with the “Australia's Most Wanted” story are no longer found in the top 50, in fact, the first link in relation to his past isn’t displayed until position 65.

Google may have a parameter on the quality of the link with the information, age and the authority of the link source. In short, is seems as though Google is making search results relevant to topical, up to date information.

Alternatively, in a similar genre, when typing former disgraced, QLD State MP, Gordon Nuttall into Google, results regarding his past misdemeanours poll quite highly, considering he was released from jail within the last six months. This strongly indicates the change in relevancy and the quality of links related to people’s names, in searching on Google.

Gordon Nuttall Search
We are curious and performing tests currently on company names to see if the same changes apply. At this stage we have noticed some small alterations in the search.


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