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September 21, 2010

Microsoft shows off new Bing

Published: 21 September 2010 

Last week Microsoft demonstrated an IE9-enhanced version of Bing and we have to say it looks impressive. The new version of Microsoft's search engine takes advantage of HTML 5 and Internet Explorer 9 capabilities.

Some of the new features in Bing

    • Users experience smooth transitions between the search page, results and filtering results
    • The search box and certain navigational elements are locked in place when scrolling
    • Animations are everywhere

The changes are in line with what Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has announced in the past, mentioning that Bing not being the market leader has the opportunity for braver improvements and more drastic changes to its search experience.

The enhanced Bing is supposed to go live (but still in testing mode) in October 2010. We definitely look forward to trying out the real thing.

Ben Maden

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