September 24, 2012

Google Spiders Humour

Published: 24 September 2012 


Google Spiders Humour

This cartoon made us chuckle today at Matter Solutions. Although a few years old, the meaning behind it for web design and SEO is clear and still relevant; a website that is all style and no substance will not fare well on Google’s search engine results page.

A poorly designed site will lead to problems with SEO and inbound marketing. The more technical issues a site has, then the less likely they will rank even with the greatest SEO efforts. Adobe Flash can be read and indexed by Google bots if they have a text format; however Flash commonly causes crashes on devices which will inevitably adversely affect the website’s usability and quality score. This will cause your search engine results to drop dramatically.

Google’s aim is to provide its users with relevant, fresh information and they are becoming better at filtering sites that have been using black-hat (and grey-hat) SEO tactics. Therefore, a user-friendly website with rich, relevant and informative content will rank higher than an over-optimized, poorly designed site.

Of course, we still need to use certain SEO tactics to rank high but using useful content is a great foundation for your SEO strategy. Have a look at our new SEO packages available to suit any company’s needs and budget.

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